The line in the sand has been drawn. Now that we know what the Raw and SmackDown Live rosters look like, how will WWE’s changes help make both brands better? I’m not sure the answer is as simple as offering an antidote that covers the red and blue teams. The company went to painstaking measures to change the rules – their own rules – while breaking up potential feuds and white hot possibilities.


All I can say is I hope the McMahons and their minions know what they are doing. Tuesday night left several wrestling fans angry and dismayed. Like everyone else, I have questions that need answers. Here are five things I want to know with regard to WWE’s superstar shakeup.

Randy Orton is the WWE World Champion. Who steps up to face The Viper?

Hmm, tough one from the start. Orton and Bray Wyatt will meet in a “House of Horrors” match with the title on the line. I assume Orton wins and retains, but that isn’t a given.

If Wyatt wins and takes the title to Raw, then Brock Lesnar moves to SmackDown Live with a potential feud looming with Orton. The fact AJ Styles is now part of the United States Title picture is interesting to say the least.

Why didn’t AJ Styles move to Raw like it had been rumored before WrestleMania 33?

Ah, a drive by. Styles is the best thing going to day in this promotion. Moving him to the red team meant a potential reunion with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. That’s The Club to you and me.

Styles is the face of Tuesday nights. He is magic in the ring. While he is deficient on the mic, he is improving. I can see him in a program with Kevin Owens that should be epic.

How does the Raw Women’s Title shake down?

Bayley’s character is stale. I touched on that a couple of weeks ago. WE all thought Sasha Banks was going to finally turn heel on Monday night, but Alexa Bliss and Mickie James spoiled that party.

Now that Charlotte is on SmackDown Live, I think Banks does turn on Bayley with Mickie becoming a babyface. I also like Nia Jax in a babyface role.

Whatever the change, the women on Monday night just got a whole lot better.

What happens to Braun Strowman?

He sent Roman Reigns to the hospital. He confronted Brock Lesnar and we still have no idea how WWE will book him for the remainder of the year. Right now, that is a good thing.

Strowman is the best big man to come along since a young “Giant” invaded WCW. It could mean Strowman dominates and then turns babyface at some point. This is one of the rare characters who does not need a lot of build. His size speaks for itself. Watch him take down Reigns and take the strap from Lesnar, then challenge Bray Wyatt in a battle of former Family members.

Is there really one more run left in Goldberg?

God, I hope not.

There are rumors the former Universal Champion could want one more run without a title. But who is there? John Cena is unlikely. Sting and Undertaker are retired. Triple H may not wrestle again and Kurt Angle would need medical clearance to get in the ring.

Right now, Orton and Reigns are potential opponents as is Strowman, but they would have to carry a match with the 50-year-old superstar.

In other words, it is highly unlikely.

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