Lawn Mowing

Does your lawn just not seem right after you mow it? Does your lawn look like it’s being eaten by the mower rather than being cut? If you’re looking for some new ways to make sure your lawn looks its best and you stay calm, cool, and collected, then check out these 10 lawn mowing tips. These tips will help ensure your lawn is always looking its best.

1. Lawn Height Reduction

If you want your lawn to look its best, then aim to cut your lawn height by one third. This goes for each time you mow. If you cut it any lower than that, it will cut down the health and strength of your grass. Your lawn mower can be adjusted to specific heights. Check your lawn mowers manual to see what you need to do to raise or lower the deck.

2. Play With Heights

Your lawn mower has the technology to allow you to play with the designs it leaves in the grass. If you want a lawn that has those fancy stripes you occasionally see, then choose a mower that has a fitted roller. You could also leave one strip unmowed and mow next to it and then alternate the next time you mow. You can also mow in a diagonal pattern or a vertical pattern.

Lawn Mowing

If you need a tip on how to mow long grass, check out this link.

3. A Proper Mower

An important part of lawn care is owning the right lawn mower. When you are considering buying a mower, choose one that you can handle and one that will be able to handle the job. If you have a large area to mow, consider a ride-on mower. If you have under 500 square feet you could get yourself a reel lawn mower. These are a type of old-fashioned mower that is operated by hand and doesn’t require electricity or gas. Simply push and let the blades do the magic. If you have something a little over 500 square feet, then a modern push mower may be the best option.

4. Mow In The Morning and Often

If you’re looking for the best possible looking lawn, then mow early but after the dew is dried out. You should do this once a week. However, if it’s hot and wet, you may need to mow twice or more a week. Just make sure to only mow ⅓ of the grass to ensure strength and longevity. Not to mention, mowing in the morning means less heat on you. Mornings tend to be cooler, and afternoons are brutal, especially in areas that are known for their high temperatures.

5. Keep The Blades Sharpened

Sharpening the blades on your mower is an essential part of lawn care. Dull blades are going to tear your grass rather than cut them nicely. Grass that is damaged will open it up to diseases and fungus. If your lawn is looking a little uneven or torn up, you probably need to sharpen your blades. To keep your grass healthy, sharpen your blades once a month with a file or a grinder.

6. Don’t Touch The Clippings

Never take the lawn clippings away. Grass clippings add nutrients to the soil that can be beneficial to your property. You want to mow just enough so that there is a small amount of clippings left over. Never mow so much that there are piles and clumps of long clippings on the ground. If you do clean up your clippings because you don’t like how it looks, use them for compost or in your garden as mulch. Do this only if you don’t use weed-killing products on your lawn.

7. Mow In The Shade

When you mow the lawn, you stress out your grass. Yes, this is a thing. If you mow during the hottest part of the day, the grass will lose a greater amount of water, and it will take longer for it to recover. However, you can always wait for it to be shady. Shaded grass will lose less amounts of water, and it will grow back quicker. Not to mention, if it’s hot, mowing in the shade will keep you cool.

Lawn Mowing

8. Wheels On The Edge

If you want to create flat edges around your driveway and walkways, mow with the wheel on the edge. This creates less work for you because it will trim the edges for you. You can use a variety of materials to create edging, such as gravel, concrete, bricks, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, consider using a weed wacker or trimmers.

9. Slopes

Slopes and hills can be a nightmare for a lawnmower and the person operating it. When mowing on a slope with a riding mower, ride up and down in a horizontal pattern to avoid mower tipping. With a push mower, mow parallel. You should never mow a slope if the grass is wet. This can create many hazards that may injure you or the mower. If the slope is small, it’s a good idea to use a weed wacker instead of a lawn mower.

10. Consider Self Propelled Mowers

A self-propelled lawn mower is an excellent option for those who may not be able to push their lawn mower. These self-propelled lawn mowers cut grass evenly and more smooth because the speed is consistent. Not only that, but the wheels will most likely stay on the ground if a bump is hit or if you’re going uphill. These may be a little pricey, but they are 100% worth the cost. Just turn it on and watch it go with your control.


There you have it, folks. Those are 10 lawn mowing tips that may have your lawn looking better than ever. These are all tips that can be easily followed. It all comes down to making sure you have the right mower, you mow during the right time of day, and you keep your lawn mower up to speed on maintenance. Nothing is worse than owning a lawn mower that does nothing but eat your grass and serves no benefit to it.

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