As we have often heard “a dog is man’s best friend”, Dogs are considered as the most loyal creatures on earth. You will always find a dog greeting you at your doorstep, waiting for you, as you return home after a hectic day. They don’t judge you by your appearance or respect you by your bank account, whether you had a bad day or not, they are always delighted to see you. They guard you if they feel any strangers around, and their unconditional love and care make you fond of them.

French bulldogs are the most domestic dogs, having small fluffy bodies and big adorable eyes. Here are 10 reasons to have a French bulldog:

1) Don’t disturb with loud barking noise:

They don’t make loud noises that disturb the whole neighborhood. They stay calm and quiet and they never complain by barking very loudly. They gain attention through their gentle ways and cute and soft voices.

2) Safe for babies:

Kids love to be around pets all day long. But either the children get destructive and start harming the animals or the animals might bark at kids, making them cry and even bite having French bulldogs around kids is the safest option. Since they are very quiet and friendly animals, they keep children very calm and take care of the kids, if other creatures try to harm or an intruder comes. They are also very enduring and loving, they don’t mind if kids hit them at their backs or pull them by their ears.

3) Guard family members:

They have very good ears that can sense strangers from a great keeping a French dog provides you safety from intruders. They bark heavily when they notice any slight change around them and keenly guard the family members.

4) Good for keeping in Small homes:

French bulldogs are very small and are ideal to keep them indoors. We usually worry a lot before buying any pets, about having large apartments and houses to provide a separate outdoor place. But French bulldog stays at whatever space you give them, they like it and are always happy to cuddle and rest in their place. Hence, there is no need to make proper petting enclosures to have a French bulldog at our homes.

5) Best companions:

If you feel upset and distressed and don’t have anybody to share your loneliness, French bulldogs are the best option and a good companion. You will always have an audience to share your thoughts. They are very sensitive to criticism, if you scold them they will express their liking and disliking in their own language. They make cute and funny noises, they snuff and snort to make you laugh and make you forget your worries as you spent time with them.

6) Good for lazy people:

French Bulldogs don’t need long exercising hours, you don’t need to take them for jogging or make them run up and down hills, and hence they are good for keeping them indoors. They are ideal for lazy people who wear “Mens Leather Jackets” early morning and prefer light and slow walks.

7) Soft relaxation tool:

Having a French dog makes you forget the need for carrying squishy balls and stuff toys for relaxing after long hectic days. Their soft ears and fluffy bodies provide as a relaxation tool. Their big adorable eyes make you even love them more.

8) Compact size:

They look very small and compact to carry them with us at any place where we go. But they are not as weak as they look instead, they are very rough and strong dogs. They have great strength to run and entertain without getting tired soon.

9) Never leave you alone:

French dogs don’t care about your personal space. They love to be around and will always follow you if they feel isolated. They can lie on your bed and even sit on your lap if you are doing any important work on pc or laptop.

10) Sensible and intelligent dogs:

They are very sensible and intelligent dogs, so you can easily train them and teach them whatever skills you like. Since they greatly follow you they try to perform everything, a human being is capable of doing.

As these dogs don’t require much space to keep and are easier to groom, hence the above reasons highlighted why we should buy French dogs and keep them at our homes.

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