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Medicare falling apart

Written by LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports It is no secret that Obamacare has given uninsured people a chance for receiving healthcare. But the institution of this new policy, there would be consequences for others, those reliant on Medicare to be exact. Cuts over the last several years to the point of medical negligent behavior because of "red tape" hurdles put in front of providers reinforces the
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Paris Attack: The Day After

Written by The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion Not even 24-hours later, the country of France is still reeling from the worst attack on its home soil since World War II. Over 120 people proclaimed dead, gunman who were involved in attacks (confirmed to be working with ISIS organization) also dead and a boy of a suicide bomber was found near the stadium where a soccer game filled with
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Ben Carson: Can I Become The First (Second) American Muslim President?

After recent comments by Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stating that a Muslim should never be president of the United States, I feel that I myself—an American--born Muslim--should consider running. In his comments, he felt that Muslims practice Sharia and so could never be loyal to the United States. With all due respect to Dr. Ben Carson—who I know is very brilliant, and probably the best pediatric neurosurgeon in
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Politics: Obama’s Latest Foreign Policy Win, Keeps Iran at Arm’s Length

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, with these words of wisdom passed down from Vito to Michael Corleone, the family business was able to thrive. It seems these words of Italian wisdom were not lost on President Barack Obama either. When Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski announced her support for the landmark Iran nuclear deal, it meant that opponents to the deal will not have the requisite 67 vote
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Politics: Why I Left the Republican Party

The Republican Party of 2015 is not the Republican Party that I grew up. Growing up during the Reagan era, I bought into the trickle-down economic theory that the people on the top of the economic food chain would spend money and create opportunities for the less fortunate. This in turn would create jobs and build a stronger economy. President Reagan also showed strength and resolve. He stood up to
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Politics: With Recent NYSE Data Hack, Is It Time For Government Regulation?

Thanks to the recent breach of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Journal and United Airlines websites, which resulted in a four-hour delay in stock trading, the WSJ website being offline and major airline flights grounded that resulted in the breach of personal data of 22.5 million individuals, a once-touchy subject, may have grown a new set of proverbial legs. Government regulation of the internet. While the internet is
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2016 U.S. Election: Can Hillary Clinton Outrun The Past?

After ending months of speculation, Hillary Clinton is expected to officially announce her candidacy for President of the United States. According to, the former First Lady is expected to make the official announcement via video on social media Sunday. Clinton, who served under President Barack Obama from 2009-13 as Secretary of State, faces an uphill challenge from a proverbially blood-thirsty pool of Republican challengers such as Texas senator Ted
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Benjamin Netanyahu: What Bibi’s Win Means For Obama

JERUSALEM – After surviving a close bid for his third term as prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s narrow win signals the beginning of a new Cold War between Bibi and U.S. President Barack Obama. After shifting his stance from right-wing to ultra right-wing in stating that he would not allow the creation of a Palestinian state and is firmly against a US-led peace deal with Iran nuclear talks, to