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12 Things Every Parent Should Know About Their Teens

Most parents say that raising children can be a difficult thing, especially for teens. As a matter of fact, for most parents, raising teens is extremely stressful and one of the most challenging demands of life. Often, we do not understand the teens, what they want and where they want to be in the future. Mostly, things are complicated as some parents may not even have time to find out these things from their children. The time to consult or talk to them may be unavailable as a result of busy schedules. However busy parents are, they should create ample time to talk and socialize with teens or children at all stages.

This way, understanding teens can be easier, and parents can avoid some common mistakes when dealing with them.

  1. Positive Belonging

It is common that most of the teens belong to a social group. Sometimes, parents view this negatively. It is a belief that teens that move in groups are more likely to be involved in negative or harmful actions. However, this is not the truth. Sometimes, some people just want to get that sense of belonging. Through such groups and forums, there are positive effects that can be there for teens. For example, most may form discussion groups. From these groups, problem-solving for the groups gets easier. They help each other in class work and also explore their experiences. It is vital that parents try to find out how they can help their children when they are not in school. They need to look out for youth centers locally, religious camps and other forums that can help the teens more.

  1. Silence and Solitude

Sometimes, some teens will go silent and will not want to talk or share issues. It is critical that parents realize that silence doesn’t necessarily mean that a teen is sad. Sometimes, teens need the breaks to deal with pressure and other stresses in life. Some may even be thinking about the decision to make, such as breast reduction or breast enhancement.

  1. Reflections of life

Sometimes, teens have several questions. Parents should try to answer all these questions. One needs to be open about all topics about life as that is what most teens would prefer. Parents can also talk to other family members who they know or think can be helpful in providing teens with the information they require as they explore issues at their age or stage in life.

  1. Joy and Play

Fun should be a critical part of every teenager’s life. However, even as parents plan, organize or even allow teens to hold parties, they need to supervise and ensure that the places and events are drug and alcohol-free.


  1. Creativity

Teens are usually eager and want to explore several things surrounding them. If a teen is creative, parents need to assist and support the creativity. Notably, creativity is a method that enhances the development of the soul.

  1. Linking to the Large

It is critical and vital that parents realize that their children are at a stage that requires linking to their potentials. In the first place, parents can help the teens realize their potential and the greatness in them. They should also identify what weaknesses they have and how they can turn them into strengths. Parents should take them to places where they can meet inspiring figures who can challenge them and motivate them towards working to be great and strong. They can also learn how to deal with or prevent big mood swings.

  1. Teens Lie

Apparently, most of the teens will lie to their parents or guardians. However, they do not lie because they are bad people. They do that because of the fear of disappointing their parents. They are usually afraid that sometimes telling the truth will make their parents angry and therefore ruin the parent-child relationship. Furthermore, they love their parents too much and they do not want them to get frustrated. While lying is a vice, sometimes parents should not be too hard on realizing that teens lie.

  1. Teenagers are Smart but can be Manipulative

Looking at what teens do and how they do it, you realize that teens are mostly smart, but at the same time may try to manipulate adults to get things done for them. It is critical and vital that parents make clear their expectations and limits for what teens do.

  1. Teenagers can be confusing

Apparently, the teens like to be treated like babies. They want parents to do most of the things for them, take them out and look at them as babies. Other times, they want to be viewed as adults. Parents need to show the teens that they are neither babies nor adults. Showing love and concern is vital. Also, they should be assigned tasks and assignments that they can handle. Freedom should have limits to avoid misbehavior.

  1. The Weekends

Most parents do not allow teens to go out on weekends as they think they will get high, have sex or abuse their privileges. However, not all the teens engage in bad behavior. To be sure, one needs to set the limits and also have the teens go with them during the weekends.

  1. Cell phones

Children do not have to use cell phones. Even if parents give children cell phones, limits are necessary. Turning off the phone in some instances and at certain times of the night is critical.

  1. Spend time with teens

As mentioned, busy schedules may rob time to be with children. It is vital to have ample family time to try and understand your teens.


There are several things parents need to know and learn about their teens. They can help teens have a smoother life, and help parents know the progress in their children’s growth. There are several things that all parents are encouraged to know about their teens. These include the fact that teens usually belong to a certain social group, they are creative, they lie and they should spend quality time with them to get to know them.

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