Recruiting is not an easy job; the job comes with a lot of responsibility for hiring people who are capable of adding value to the company. There are a lot of myths associated with recruiting managers and recruiters. We all have been through the phase where people will give us hundreds of tips on how to impress your recruiter. However, the recruiter is also under a similar pressure to find the perfect candidate for the job. While a list of free job posting sites in 2020 can prove to be very helpful in putting out job postings, these tips will also help during the recruitment period.

  1. Employee Referrals

Employee referral means that your employees can suggest people for a particular job. This is one of the best ways you convert your entire team into recruiters. Also, your employees understand the work dynamics and will only recommend candidates who fit in the picture.

 2. Skills over Degree

A degree is never enough; it can never testify the skills and dedication of the candidate. So, it is essential to invest in the employees’ skills rather than focusing on the degree alone.

3. Candidate Experience

If you are hiring for a senior position, it is always good to go with employees who have prior experience. This doesn’t hold for intern jobs or junior level jobs.

4. Use Modern Tools

You can find several dedicated modern tools designed to help you in the recruiting process. The company must train a few people from the HR department to learn these tools, which speed up the process.

5. Remove Gender Disparity from Job Description

There is nothing that one gender can do, and the other cannot. Make sure that your job descriptions and ads are not specific to one gender, especially in the corporate world.

6. Provide Updates

Keep updating the potential employees even when you do not have an update. The worst thing is that the potential employee doesn’t get any feedback after an interview.

7. Use Multiple Websites for Posting

Use different platforms to post about a job opening; the more significant the reach, the better the chances of finding the right candidate.

8. Video Introductions

This is a contemporary practice; ask your shortlisted candidates to send in a video introduction. This will give you an idea about the potential of the candidate.

9. Straight Forward Application Form

Always try to make the process simple; more people will come through if your process is simple. A basic application form is enough for the initial stage of screening.

10. Communicate

It is important to communicate with people regarding a job opening. Talk to your friends and family and convey to them that you are hiring, so they can ask people to apply.

11. Look for International Candidates

If you cannot find someone suitable locally, go international. Remote work is a reality today, and that is why international candidates can be hired.  

12. Discourage Unqualified Employees

During the initial filtering, filter out any unqualified employees. If you are using software, you can set filters that do not accept under qualified candidates applications.

13. Diversity

It is essential to keep your options open while recruiting, as this will bring diversity to your task force. These are just a few tips that can help the recruiters in finding the right candidates who will take your business upwards and onwards.



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