LOS ANGELES, CA  — American High Records’ THE BINGE (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE) with score by MATT BOWEN is now available on all major streaming platforms. Hulu’s THE BINGE stars Vince Vaughn and Skyler Gisondo and is set in a fictional time when all alcohol and drugs are illegal except for one day, Binge Day.

THE BINGE is directed by Jeremy Garelick (The Wedding Ringer) and written by Jordan VanDina. The film is produced by American High and LD Entertainment.

Bowen’s multi-genre score takes listeners on a trip when three high school seniors get caught up in various Binge Day shenanigans. He co-wrote the score’s themes with composer Christopher Lennertz, with whom he’s been collaborating with for the past decade on a variety of projects.

The album features the hilariously profane original musical number “Higher” with music by Lennertz and Bowen and is performed by cast members Skyler Gisondo (Griffin), Dexter Darden (Hags), Eduardo Franco (Andrew), Grace Van Dien (Lena), Zainne Saleh (Sarah), Marta Piekarz (Kimmi), Esteban Benito (Seb), and Brittany Garms (Dakota). Lyrics for “Higher” are by VanDina, Garelick, Lennertz, and Bowen.

“Being on this film from day one and co-writing the score’s themes with Christopher Lennertz felt like being dealt pocket aces,” stated Bowen. “Director Jeremy Garelick was constantly encouraging me to follow and trust my gut. I’d like to think the end result is something special and unique, and most importantly, just feels like it’s really a part of the movie’s fabric.”


Track List

01. Higher

02. Suck It Down Pipe

03. Shit My Pants

04. Backstory

05. 8 Hours to the Binge

06. Griffin and Lena

07. Promposal

08. Sleepytimes

09. Andrew’s House

10. Seb’s Garage

11. Darts

12. Escaping Seb

13. Wackadoodles

14. Carnegie Library

15. Uphill

16. Want A Ride

17. Cover Blown

18. Truck!

19. Assess the Situation

20. Come On Bessie

21. It’s Mark Maynard

22. Binge Bummer

23. You’re Going On A Little Trip

24. Flashbacks

25. I Love You Man

26. Reunion

27. Tug O War

28. Can I Get A Caw

29. Gametime

30. Levels 2 and 3

31. El Pantera Has The Donut

32. Hags Comes Through

33. Victory

34. Higher (extended version) [bonus track]

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