Chunky, cuddly cats are definitely the best – they’re so cute! If your cat is packing a few extra pounds, there’s no doubt you love them just the same. Cute, cuddly and definitely very Instagrammable, there’s something quite adorable about a little tubby cat.

But, being overweight isn’t always good for your cat’s health. A little bit of extra weight is usually nothing to worry about, but if your cat’s weight has begun to affect their mobility or is putting them at a higher risk of developing certain diseases and health conditions, it might be time to think about a weight loss program. Here’s what you can do to help your cat lose weight.

Switch Up Their Diet

What you are feeding your cat could be contributing to their weight gain. If you’re wondering why your cat is fat even though you don’t overfeed them, it could be what they are eating, rather than how much. You may want to consider switching your cat onto a lower-calorie diet that is dense in nutrients. Not only can this help them lose weight, but it can also provide them with more energy from their food, which will encourage them to be an active kitty. For tips on exactly what to feed your cat, check out this article, ‘why is my cat so fat?’ from Diamond Pet.

Get a Vet Check-Up

Just like humans, cats can be overweight for a variety of reasons. If your cat eats well, is fairly active, and still struggles to shift the pounds, it could be down to an underlying health condition or a hormonal problem. A visit to the vet should be able to help you rule out any underlying issues that are causing your cat to gain weight, and your vet may be able to prescribe medication to help.

Play More

If your cat has gained some weight and it’s making them lazy, encouraging them to play can be a good way to help them become more active. Of course, every cat owner knows that cats do love sleeping, so it’s quite normal if your cat is curled up in a little snoozy ball for most of the day. But when they are awake, you can encourage them to move around more by getting some toys that they will enjoy. Some cats enjoy chaser toys that they can play with on their own while others prefer more interactive play; you can do this with a laser pointer, a dangling feather toy, and more.

Cut Back on Treats and Grazing

Instead of having dry food available for your cat to graze on during the day, control their diet by giving them set meals. In addition, it’s time for treats to be cut back on too – limit your cat to a couple of low-calorie treats a day and definitely don’t let them eat any human food. If you usually give your cat a treat as a reward, consider something else that they might enjoy instead, like petting or playing.

Fat cats can definitely be cute and cuddly, but packing too many extra pounds isn’t good for your cat’s health. Do the above to help your cat lose weight and live a happier, healthier and longer life.


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