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From a very young age, modeling first met Maria Antonia, by pure coincidence, while she was enjoying herself in a mall with her mother.

Someone approached her and proposed her to be the Kid image for a swimwear brand called Corpo, with whom she finally worked most of her childhood. As a child, she worked on campaigns for Cocoa Jeans, and years later, as a young woman, she worked with Éxito and several local brands in her hometown, Medellín.

Regarding her most artistic side, Antonia has no limits, besides modeling, she aims to be a great actress, so every day she spends several hours studying this profession. She is so serious about it that she has projects underway that she cannot reveal yet due to confidentiality. Her dreams are big, she sees herself living in Mexico in the future, working with big entertainment companies like Telemundo, Netflix, and Televisa.

She is a true dreamer, but not like many others because while some people sleep, she wakes up at 5 a.m. to work on each one of her goals. She begins the day by giving thanks and raising a prayer to God, she exercises and studies during the morning.

After midday she focuses on @FeelWell7, her healthy baking company, which was born from a trip she made to the south of Malta in Italy where she was improving her English, there was a place she used to love called Eatwell that inspired her to create her brand of snacks considering she is a professional chef and loves everything healthy, one of her mantras is: “tell me what you eat and I will tell you how to protect yourself”, she firmly believes that it is better to invest in food and health than in medicine later on.

Sports are her medicine, her reason to exist, and she could not live without them. Among her favorite hobbies, she likes to ride horses and practice equitation, a sport she has mastered for some years now. She loves running and eating but strives to moderate herself and take care of her body both for health and to maintain her athletic body, which has a flat belly and hips that catch everyone’s attention.

She also enjoys taking care of her skin with the supervision of a dermatologist, and you can see this evidenced in a beautiful, harmonious, and natural face. Maria Antonia is a very complete, disciplined, beautiful woman with such a positive attitude that she shines in her pictures and in everything she does.

We hope to continue seeing her modeling with the best brands and acting on every screen.


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