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After the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor, then president Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke on the radio, as TVs were not that popular, and declared that December 7,1941 was a “day that will live in infamy.” Some could argue that seventy-five years after that, November 8,2016 will be a “day that will live in infamy.” The reason for this is Americans across the nation will be going to the polls and voting for the next President of the United States. As this day has become closer, unfortunately, journalism has gotten a bad rap due to this election. In previous elections, journalism has always played a role in the election process and it was never bad. However, this year’s is not like other past elections. There have been countless times that you see an article posted on social media and it’s a satire piece, but because people don’t want to read the piece they share it, thinking it is real. This has caused journalism to get a bad rap because we are getting to the point now that you don’t know what is real or fake when it comes to articles. I guarantee there will be people who don’t believe what I am writing, but as someone who will hopefully make it big in this industry at some point, this election is making it more and tougher. [embedit snippet=”Jon ads”] In addition to journalism getting a bad rap due to this election, I feel there are many “journalistic” sites that are making it bad for actual sites to put out legit information. However, I find it quite funny that there are so many people who a buying into these fake articles that are from sites that no one had heard of. I figure the problem stems from the fact that people believe anything they read on the internet. Just a quick tidbit to people, before you share something on Facebook or retweet it on Twitter please check the site to make sure it’s not a satire site. I feel this is big over the next few days as we will find out tomorrow night who our next president will be.

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