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2016 RIO Olympics: What Is Each Athlete’s Net Worth?

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With the 2016 Summer Olympics underway down in Rio, there are many high-profile athletes such as Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi, Kevin Durant, Usain Bolt, Carmelo Anthony, Venus and Serena Williams competing down in Brazil.

You ever wonder how much each of them is worth?

Each athlete brings a unique name and brand attached to them for the Olympics, and with that, and even more impressive financial portfolio, measured not only in medals won, but also money made in off-the-court endorsements from big-name corporate sponsors.

In what may be a record of top net worth among Olympics athletes, the combined net worth of the athletes listed below in the infographic, per Personal Capital, is a combined $1.825 billion.

Not only is the combined net worth staggering, but the proverbial galaxy of Olympic athletes from places such as Jamaica, Spain, Switzerland and Russia in a wide radius of sports ranging from track to tennis, basketball and swimming is nothing short of spectacular.

With the current dominance of the United States already well-established, it is not a surprise to see that six out of the 15 Olympics athletes are American in the aforementioned Durant, Phelps and Williams sisters, Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony.

Below is an infographic of each competing athlete’s net worth and total Olympics medals, and what they bring to the Summer Games. Also, please see how you stack up against the best athletes in the world here.


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