NFL Schedule lack originality
The 32 teams of the National Football League

When the NFL schedule is announced every year, it is like Christmas for the NFL fan. Many make travel plans to see their team on the road. However, the NFL has a problem as of late. They have become stagnant when scheduling games. Let us look at how this can be.

The National Football League work tirelessly on making the schedule every year. However, over the last couple of season, they have gotten repetitive with some games on certain weeks. For example, the Dallas Cowboys/New York Giants matchup. They have played each other on opening day 5 out of the last 6 seasons. Four of those games have come on Sunday Night Football.

I know the NFL wants to win the rating game. Even so, other matchups could bless us on opening night. I talked to multiple Giants and Cowboys fans yesterday. They all stated that opening against each other is getting old and tiresome. Why not give some other teams a chance?

Games such as the Dallas Cowboys vs the Oakland Raiders, which is a Sunday Night game, is perfect for opening night. Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys is another opening night matchup that would have a huge drawing. This is due to their epic playoff game last season.

Any solid matchup from is going to do well in the ratings. Especially on opening night. Fans are going to flock to meaningful football for the first time 8 months.

The other issue with the schedule is the games in week 17. I am all for playing your division. Nevertheless, the league should rotate the teams throughout the years. Every season you should end with a different team.

Concerning week 17, I will use the Washington Redskins for an example. They have played either the New York Giants or Dallas Cowboys in week 17 the last 6 years. They have not played the Eagles since 2011. Yes, again ratings and record come into play. I understand all that. Again, the hardcore fan is going to watch. Nonetheless, the NFL should rotate the teams. These opponents should see each other every three years in the final week.

Overall, the NFL does a wonderful job with the schedule. Regardless, there can always be some tweaking to make the ratings and experience better. I hope that 2018 brings us some different matchups. For now, enjoy 2017!


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