2020 Watch Band Style Guide

In the modern world, the smartwatch has become as essential to our everyday gear as our smartphones. We wear them for all sorts of occasions, and during a vast array of different activities. One of the main advantages that the modern smartwatch and its smartwatch bands have over traditional watches is their ability to be changed, transforming the overall look of the timepiece.

This versatility comes at a price, though. The smartwatch strap market has a ton of different watch band offerings with a vast array of colors, materials, and styles. This can make for a very difficult decision when it comes time to pick the right band. Continue reading below for a quick guide that will help you decide what type of material your watch band should be made of, as well as when you should wear it.

Leather Watch Bands

  • Why Choose Leather?

Leather is among the oldest and most robust materials still used in products. The ancient Greeks were using this timeless and durable material for their sandals thousands of years ago. Their interest in this rugged hide is the same reason it is perfect for making leather watch straps. It is strong. This material can take any beating that your wrist may throw at it. These bands can be found in the classic brown, black, or even blue for a different kind of look. The brown leather used in leather watch straps is an especially popular item due to the unique patina the material acquires as it ages. 

  • When to wear a leather watchband.

A leather watchband is suited for a variety of occasions. This is one of the reasons it is so popular. A nice brown leather band with ornate white thread stitching is the perfect choice for a formal affair. The same can be said of blue or black options as well. If your band has seen some wear and tear, it may be best to reserve it for more casual situations.

Silicone Watch Bands

  • Why Choose Silicone?

Silicone is a modern, durable material that has properties that other watchbands do not enjoy. A critical characteristic of a silicone watchband is its inherent waterproofness. The first silicone bands for Apple and Android smartwatches were fully silicone, and although they provided the wearer protection during aquatic events, they lacked style. Thankfully, modern silicone watch band offerings come in the hybrid variety, allowing for more stylish protection. 

  • When to wear a silicone watch band

Silicone watch bands are one of the best choices for activities like swimming, running, sports, and any other generally active task that will result in sweat. The silicone is waterproof, so you don’t run the risk of damage inherent with other materials.

Nylon Watch Bands

  • Why Choose Nylon?

Nylon is another modern material whose use in watch straps became popular during the 1970s when the British created the NATO watchband. These watch bands are known for their exceptional durability and ability to handle whatever you throw at it. Traditional color offerings in the NATO style usually feature bright colors with some form of striping. With their signature weave, this material is sure to last as long as your smartwatch.

  • When to wear a nylon watchband. 

The nylon watch strap is the perfect strap for the wild and rugged. Its usage in the military is for a good reason. Choosing a military green, or assassin black option provide a sleek tactical look much like that of James Bond. Although it may not be the top choice for a formal environment, the truly daring can pull it off. This band is more suited for adventuring and exploration. If you are going to spend your day hiking through the woods or rock climbing, the tough ruggedness of a nylon smartwatch band should be your first choice.  

Canvas Watch Bands

  • Why Choose Canvas?

Canvas is another material of very old origin. Originally it was the base layer for famous paintings because of the durability when creating large pieces. The toughness and durability of canvas make it another excellent choice for a watch band. Usually laden with metal hardware for enhancing its strength even further, this watch strap will provide protection against damage from almost any source. Sweat, heat, tears, and the cold are no match for this material.  

  • When to wear a canvas watchband. 

The canvas watch strap is for the rugged at heart. People who like getting their hands dirty doing the tough jobs will find the dependability of canvas to be very satisfying. Although ornate embroidering and shiny metal accents could allow this band to pass in a formal setting, it’s probably best and most at home in an environment where being tough is not an option. It’s a requirement.

Alligator Watch Bands

  • Why Choose Alligator?

Alligators are notorious for their vicious attitudes and rows of sharp ivory teeth. Their skin is ultra-tough because it grows in layers and gets thicker and thicker as they age. Because of the toughness and apparent luxury that an alligator skin watchband can implicate, these are among the most popular style of watch bands in the world. Alligator leather can be found on the highest caliber watch brands such as Rolex.

  • When to wear an alligator watchband. 

Alligator watch bands [alligator bands]are the perfect type of band to wear to any formal engagement, as well as out for a quick round on the golf course. Their timeless sense of mystique can make take an apple watch from ordinary, to extraordinary in one simple step. Even if you get your hands on a watch band that isn’t actual alligator skin, a genuine leather watchband with an embossed alligator pattern radiates a sense of style that is unmatched.  

This quick guide should be perfect for helping you to figure out what type of watch band will work for you. It provides the tools you need to navigate the sea of options available to smartwatch wearers today. Your best choice is to head over to HEMSUT and pick up a few different styles to make the most of the interchangeability of smartwatch bands. Doing this will allow you to be prepared for whatever life throws your way. 

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