At some point, we all grow up. Teenagers and even college kids usually see this as a big negative. We all love and cherish our youth — and for good reason! — but there’s a lot to be said for the maturity and increased confidence you gain with life experience.

Along with wisdom, most people gain a better sense of self over time as well. It’s hard to know who you are in your younger years. As the days pile up, though, and as you experiment and figure out what really makes you satisfied, you will usually find better ways to express the real you.

No matter where you are in your life or which goals you’re trying to hit, try to add a little sophistication to your closet this year. If you don’t know where to start, consider the following options.

1. Dress for Success

These days, a lot more workplaces are embracing the “casual” part of business casual. This means that, especially early in any career, you may not have a lot of instances where you need to dress up for work. When it’s only a few times a year, it’s easy to scrape by with whatever you have that merely satisfies the dress code. That’s no way to present yourself though.

Make sure that, at a minimum, you invest in at least one or two higher-end blazers that can complete an outfit, if not a true suit. Unlike some designer label purchases, the key here is quality — not necessarily the brand — because there is a visible difference between a low-end, off-the-rack option and something tailored and crafted from excellent material. Even if you can’t tell them apart, the opposite is likely true of the people you’re trying to impress.

2. Carry Yourself with Confidence

Accessories are a key part of any look and, these days, we’re all running around with lots of stuff to carry. Early in adulthood, it’s typical to have just one or two multipurpose bags that you may use for anything from a weekend out of town and plane carry-on to a hiking daypack and workhorse bag for the office.

At some point, however, you should have something more appropriate and specific for each task. In particular, you’ll want to get yourself a classy, sleek bag that will serve you well in any business setting. Perhaps you prefer a handheld black leather briefcase, a professional hipster backpack, or a waxed canvas messenger bag. Regardless of personal style, it should be something that fits all your needs and looks good in any environment — without making you look like a college intern.

3. Mature Audiences Only

There are many parts to being an adult, and one is engaging in more mature, fulfilling relationships. Everyone is a little different when it comes to what they like, but for most women, this is a good time to add some sexy lingerie or other intimate garments to their wardrobe.

Whether for regular wear on date night, simply for special occasions, or even as a fashionable component of an outfit, investing in classy undergarments is a good step for anyone trying to progress toward a more serious, adult relationship.

Hanging Some Sophistication in Your Closet

The journey toward maturity is different for everyone. Some get there quite young, while others take a long time. A few might never put it all together. Still, as a general rule, most people start to truly understand their own unique style in their late-20s — right when they’re advancing in their careers and relationships.

Though there are many ways to add a little sophistication to the mix, you’ll get great results — and a real bang for your buck — by picking up a few nice business outfits, one classy bag and some lingerie for intimate nights.

If you do it right and pick out the right items, you’ll quickly turn your next shopping adventure into a productive path toward greater sophistication and satisfaction.

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