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3 reasons why the New York Mets will win the World Series

We are heading down to the final days of the 2016 Major-league baseball season. One of the more recent teams to punch a ticket to the postseason is the New York Mets after they beat the Phillies by the score of 5-3. This is the second time in the Mets history that they will be in the playoffs consecutive seasons. The last time this happened was the playoffs in 1999 and 2000.

Here are three reasons why I believe the Mets will win the 2016 World Series:

  1. This team is on fire right now: As the eventual clinch was coming closer, there were many fans of the New York Mets who were trying to figure out when the turning point in the season happened for them and it’s simple. If you go back to the middle of August after the Mets split a four-game set with the Giants, they were looking at a record of 62-62. It was their next series that they would start pulling this miracle out as they would win their next seven straight series and go on to win ten of the final twelve series. If you ask any baseball fan or expert, if you want to succeed in October, you need to be hot going into October and that is where the Mets are right now.
  2. Everyone is contributing: In a season that saw a lot of key players go down with season-ending injuries from Matt Harvey to Neil Walker to David Wright, others stepped up big time. I had not found a Mets fan who knew of guys like Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman before the season started. They end up being huge contributors to the pitching rotation that was destroyed by injuries. You had help from Jay Bruce, TJ Rivera and others who stepped up to the plate.
  3. Lights out closer: Jeurys Familia has become one of the game’s best closers and is coming off a season in which he had over 50 saves. He is a dominating closer and one that if you’re any of the teams in the playoffs, you don’t want to face. I would want him over any other closer due to how dominating he has become in such a short time.

Overall, this Mets team is a team that has a lot of grit and determination. They have been here before and last year had a run that was memorable. I figure we will be witness to a similar run and it will be a magical fall in Queens, New York.

Robert D. Cobb
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