Weddings have become something of a DIY phenomenon, with Pinterest boards taking the place of wedding planners and refurbished barns housing receptions more regularly than the local legion hall. With millennials growing ever more conscious of the value of aesthetics, weddings that capture the spirit of tradition and emphasize harmony with the natural environment are becoming increasingly popular.

Everyone involved in putting together a wedding celebration seems to be on board with the recent trends. Calligraphers look to romantic love letters of the 1940s to 1970s when making their “save the date” cards, bridal gown designers are learning to simplify, and florists are curating bouquets of wildflowers. Even photographers are taking their inspiration from the past when shooting angles of the bride and groom.

It makes sense, then, that an old, quirky trend from the days of diner milkshakes and chaste courtships has made a recent reappearance on the wedding scene. Photo booths are showing up everywhere, but at weddings, they’re practically a requirement these days. As far as Instagram is concerned, if you don’t take a goofy shot with your friends featuring a moustache prop, were you even at the wedding? Here are three simple reasons to call a photo booth rental company before you say “I do.”

The pure joy of making memories.

If you want to ensure your guests never forget the amazing time they had at your wedding, you need a photo booth. Selfies and candid shots by a photographer are great, but there is something extra special about being able to take home a printed photo of yourself and your friends crammed into a small space. Photo booth pics possess a certain nostalgic charm that you won’t find anywhere else, which is why they’ve been popular for decades.

Long after the sparklers have burnt out, the limo has driven away, and the honeymoon is over, the black-and-white photo booth printouts will remain to remind you of the best night of your life. Plus, your guests will thank you for the chance to take home a special souvenir. Champagne and cake might be sweet, but lifelong memories? Even sweeter.

You’ll be able to keep them forever.

There’s a reason your eye is drawn to photo booth pictures on your Instagram feed amid a flurry of high-definition iPhone selfies. They’re tangible in a way that photos captured on a digital device just aren’t. In today’s world, that truly counts for something.

Few mementos from a wedding last forever. Hangovers are cured by breakfast, flowers wilt, and your guests are likely to store their wedding guest dresses in the back of their closet after the night is finished. But a strip of photos from a photo booth will likely never get lost or forgotten. They can be pinned to a corkboard, stashed in a wallet, or taped to a mirror. They’re small enough to pull out during a bad day at work to reminisce about the good times, yet special enough to keep in a memory box for years to come.

They’re lots of fun.

While the ceremony is for you and your spouse, everyone knows the reception is for the guests. It’s pretty entertaining to sit back and watch your friends and loved ones get increasingly rowdy as the night wears on.

While you’re sipping cocktails with your bridesmaids or groomsmen and mingling, you’ll be sure to notice lots of your friends and loved ones slip into the photo booth. It’s like they have neon signs pointing to them, drawing in drunk and crazy wedding guests. The resulting photos are sure to bring you and your spouse a lot of laughter in years to come.

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