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3 Things You Should Have Before Starting a Career in Applied Economics

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The world of applied economics combines the concepts of big data with forecasting and bringing about positive real-world outcomes. There are so many applications for the information obtained from big data, and applied economics seeks to use that information within the world of business to solve real-world problems and provide better service.

Those who work in applied economics might also wish to work in the political sector by using their skills to analyze the effects of and opinions on public policy. Economic theory meets statistical analysis in this complex and fascinating field. To create a better understanding of human reactions to certain facets of business or policy, the world of applied economics can provide some interesting job opportunities.

If you are interested in a career in applied economics, here are three things that you will need to equip yourself with.


1. A Master’s Degree

As you might have imagined, the world of applied economics requires those who work within it to have a firm understanding of economics, big data, and the specific area or industry that they wish to serve. For instance, someone who works in applied economics might be doing so for a particular business. In this case, a certain level of business acumen is helpful.

Because of the complexity of the field, you will need to earn a master’s degree to qualify for a good job. Programs like the Boston College MSAE program allow you to earn your degree online in a flexible manner so that you can be on your way to starting your career in applied economics before you know it.


2. An Understanding of Mathematics and Statistics

The nature of the work that is done within the realm of applied economics is such that anyone looking to start such a career will need to first have a firm understanding of mathematics and statistics. They will then need to know how to apply mathematical and statistical theory to the world of economics. This is so that they can adequately analyze pertinent information to provide solutions to real-world problems that they are after.


3. Strong Communication Skills

It should be apparent at this point that the nature of a job in applied economics is complex and extremely technical. However, a major aspect of such a job is working with business owners or policymakers to bring about better, more positive outcomes. Due to this, you need to possess the ability to take your complex findings and communicate them in such a way that can be understood by those whose responsibility it is to make the necessary changes to how they do business or make policies.

Breaking down complex information in a useful way is not a skill that comes naturally to many people. Moreover, communicating that information in a helpful way is another skill entirely. Make sure that you are comfortable with this aspect of working in applied economics so that you can have a successful career.


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