A game room is more than a place where you can bond with your children; it can be a great place for adults to socialize, too. You might have always dreamed of building a game room, but think there isn’t space for it in your home. However, it is possible to renovate an existing space like a basement or living room to create a game room. There are also plenty of tricks you can use to maximize that space. Here are three tips for creating the perfect game room.

Plan Out the Space Requirements First

A game room crowded with activities is too cluttered to be fun. You need at least 3 to 5 feet around all sides of each game table in addition to the space the table itself takes up. This is why you need to draw up a plan for how you’ll use the space.

You also want to start considering what you’re going to be putting in it. You’ll most likely only have space for one central piece, so you’ll have to choose wisely. An air hockey table would be a great option, but you first need to research the best air hockey tables and find one that fits the space you have, as well as has the features you want. Then decide what else there’s room for in the game room.

Don’t forget the furniture. For example, you’ll need space for couches and chairs if you’re going to show movies or play video games on one side of the game room. You can reduce the space requirements by choosing furnishings that double as seating, like footrests that double as padded stools. Or, you can choose a game table with a cover that turns it into a dining room table.

Have a Focus, but Make It Multi-Purpose

Many of us have a favorite sport or hobby. This should be the main focus of the room, from the décor to the main game table in the center of the room. However, you’ll get more out of the space if you make it multi-purpose. For example, you could set up a small group of chairs that let people talk or play musical instruments. Add a small table, and two people could play tabletop games there. Set up gaming chairs in front of the TV in addition to a large couch in the back so that you can host video gaming sessions or a family movie night. If you install a desk for a heavy computer user, make it a large one that could double as a work surface.

Add Task Lighting

You can try to make use of natural light, but it is rarely sufficient. Furthermore, every game table needs bright task lighting. This will be in addition to the general overhead lighting for the game room.

Put lamps near couches and chairs so that someone can sit and read if they desire. Try to be creative, too. Consider lighting up your scoreboard so that everyone can see how the game is going, or you could set up backlit storage shelves for your video game-related items.

Whether you love video gaming, pool, or board games, it is possible to turn almost any room into a great game room. If you follow our tips, you’ll be able to use the space for whatever your family and friends want to do.


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