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It almost goes without saying that if you have a business, that business needs a website. When potential customers are looking for a company that can provide the services they need, they almost always start with an online search. If you don’t have a website, you’re much less likely to be found by the people who can use your services. If you do have a website, or if you are working to have one created, be sure it has everything people need to choose your company over all the others. Here are a few things to include in a top-notch business website.

1. Secure Hosting

It’s true that this is completely unrelated to the content of your website, but if you don’t start with security in mind, you’re putting your company and your customers at risk. Ask your web development company to explain their security measures to you. You’ll need a secure hosting platform, to begin with. Once that’s all set, you’ll want to be sure that they keep your content management system up-to-date with the most recent security settings and software to prevent hacking. It may seem like a small website wouldn’t be targeted by hackers, but no website is immune. Place website security at the top of your list of needs when working with your software development company.

2. Contact Information

Of course, your website needs to clearly explain to potential customers who you are and what services you provide. Do put plenty of effort into designing graphics and writing content that will attract customers and convince them that your business can provide the solutions to their problems. Don’t forget, though, that once a visitor to your website has decided they need your services, there has to be a way for them to let you know that. Make this part easy for your visitors. If they have to dig through multiple pages to figure out how to contact you, they may decide it’s not worth the effort and choose another company to work with.

If your business has a physical location that customers will visit, make your address highly visible on your website. Including an embedded map and your business phone number will also help customers contact you easily. If parking near your business is challenging, make this easier for your customers by including the best options on your website.

If your business operates mostly virtually, make it easy for clients to contact you by email, phone, or any other method that you’ve chosen. Make your call to action glaringly obvious on your website so visitors don’t have to wonder what the next step is when they want to work with you.

3. Customer Testimonials

The primary purpose of your business website is to convince people that you are the company that can solve their problems, so they want to work with you. You can do this with detailed information on the services your company provides, and how you approach problem-solving with your clients. One other great way to appeal to potential customers is with testimonials from your current or former clients.

Reading real-life stories from people who have received excellent service from your company helps website visitors connect with you on a deeper level. Testimonials can give credibility to your company and also lend a sense of humanity that a basic website cannot provide.

When you’re working with a web development company to build your business website, be sure you’re creating a website that will attract customers and make it easy for them to choose to work with you. Keep security and customer experience in mind to ensure your website is as effective as possible as a marketing tool.

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