There is no denying that fall is a beautiful season: the leaves change color, kids start to look forward to Halloween and the days are crisply refreshing. Many people love autumn, but, it’s easy to forget that Mother Nature is fickle. A gorgeous, cool afternoon can turn into a cold, stormy night in a flash.

To avoid the autumn cold, people generally spend more of their time indoors. Unfortunately, if you don’t plan ahead, your home can feel like an icebox for the entire season! If you want to keep your family warm this fall, feel free to make use of these simple and effective tips.

1 – Consider Purchasing a Programmable Thermostat

To stay warm in the autumn, many people will switch their thermostats from “cooling” to “heating”. This is the simplest way to keep your house toasty in the fall. But, if your house starts to feel too cold, it’s because you have to manually adjust a traditional thermostat. This means that you have to return to a chilly home after a long day of work and wait hours before things warm up.

If you want to avoid this, you should consider visiting to learn about programmable thermostats. These innovative devices allow you to create a heating schedule for your home. This means that you can keep your house warm without wasting energy (and money) throughout the day.

2 – Thoroughly Inspect Your Home

You should always walk a lap around the interior and exterior of the home before the fall weather hits. This allows you to spot any hard-to-notice damage that may have occurred throughout the year. Be sure to check windows and exterior doors for air leaks. By spotting the leaks early on, you can minimize the amount of warm air that escapes from your home. It is also a good call to inspect all of the vents, to make sure that they aren’t damaged or covered by furniture. This will improve the air circulation in the home and help you avoid wasting additional heat.

3 – Take Advantage of the Sun

Even though fall days are short, the sun burns brightly in the sky. The sun is an outstanding source of heat that everyone should make use of. During the day, you should open up the curtains or shutters in your home. As light flows through the windows, it will gradually warm-up space. This tip is not only effective, but it’s also free!

If you decide to try this tip, there is one detail that you need to remember. In the evening, you have to remember to close the curtains or blinds. This is because the moon doesn’t produce anywhere near as much heat as the sun. In turn, opening the blinds or curtains at night can make a house feel colder.

Whether you have a huge budget or just the change in your pocket, there are infinite ways that you can keep your home warm during the fall. Feel free to get creative and try them all!


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