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Education is an important factor in everybody’s life as it helps to gain knowledge and live a prosperous life. As the world is becoming more and more technical, so is our education system. There have been many changes in the education sector due to the evolution and rapid growth of technology. Thanks to websites such as, online learning is one of those evolutions, which has a positive impact on most of the students’ life. It is quite unbelievable how an alternative way of learning has captured the hearts of many. Majority of the students no longer prefer traditional education after they have discovered online learning. But, how productive is the online learning and is it a considerable option and a good environment to study? Let us look at these points in detail and understand how online learning has brought changes in the methodology of how the students learn or study.

The main concern of the parents or some of the students when they prefer online learning is the environment they will have to engage themselves in. Online learning and traditional learning doesn’t have the same environment. We often see people being worried regarding the face to face interaction and classroom curriculums. But, in reality, online learning provides more benefits compared to any other form of learning. 

Engagement is the most important thing for a student to be productive. This tends to be less in the traditional form of education as the class hours are always limited. Even though teachers have a lot of informative knowledge, due to the limited period, the chances of it reaching out to students were very low. But, in online learning, there isn’t any limitation in any way. Students can take part in online quizzes, communities, live tutorings and engage themselves, all from their place of comfort. Many students shy away from asking doubt in class. Online learning liberates many students to post their doubts as they can expect it to be resolved immediately or within a couple of days, depending on the medium they choose.

Students can access the lectures or the study material or any information they want through online learning. The fact that they can do it anytime is what makes it more helpful for the students. They do not have to wait for any teacher or friends to proceed in their studies. Not only that, they even can download NCERT books. This shows that they are not limited to any location. This is an added advantage for the students as it encourages them to study at their own pace. In classrooms, students have to follow the lectures to be in sync with the pace that is maintained in the class. This could be challenging when the students lag in basics or if he/she misses any class. In online learning, students are offered flexibility. This encourages self-paced learning, where students can learn at their own pace, which will reduce the stress of the exam too. Ed-tech companies like, help students on their academic journey by provident relevant study materials required for their exams. Vedantu NCERT solutions, that are available in PDF format, are sure to assist the students in clarifying doubts as a detailed explanation has been provided for every question or problem of NCERT exercises of every grade.

For the students who feel one to one student-teacher interaction is crucial, there is no compromise on that. Online learning often provides a combination of both question and answer session and also discussion forums. Finally, we would like to say that students and parents must realise that its necessary to adapt to technology and must not believe any myth regarding it. Continue developing yourself, stay motivated, learn and choose your career wisely by the exposure and the knowledge you obtain.

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