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benefits of using candles
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5 Benefits of using Candles at home

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The use of candles by humans dates back to 200 BC. In that period, candles were mostly made using tallow or whale fat and primarily used for the purpose of illumination. As time passed by, the usage of candles diversified and they were used as candle clocks to tell the time and also for religious ceremonies. In the 1880’s the use of candles saw a sharp decline with the invention of modern lighting methods such as the light bulb and lamps. However, recently candles have found their way back into most homes owing to a variety of positive effects. Here are a few benefits of using candles at home.

Reduces stress

The warm glow and the ambience created by the candle light is known to relax the brain and provide a soothing effect. Research has verified the fact that the calming atmosphere created by using candles together with their aroma quietens the mind and helps to reduce anxiety and depression. A lot of people today suffer from mental health problems, and hence incorporating the habit of burning a few candles in your house after you get back from work or during your self-care routine can work wonders for your mental health. Lemon and lavender scented candles can help you ease your stress.

Helps to have a good night’s sleep

Lighting a soft scented candle in your bedroom before you drift off to sleep will help you sleep better. With the development of cellphones and stressful work environment, we all tend to stare into our cellphones till we go to bed. This habit can be detrimental to the quality of sleep. The UV rays from the phone light impair the ability of your brain to release sleep hormones thereby causing insomnia. Candles, on the other hand create a warm and calm atmosphere which relaxes the mind and body and gently lulls you to sleep. It not just provides a more restful sleep at night but also helps you to adhere to your natural sleep cycle such that you feel well rested when you wake up and feel ready to take on the day’s work.

Helps increase focus

Much has been elaborated about the benefits of using candles to calm your mind. But apart from this candles can also positively affect your productivity by energising your brain. Candles improve your focus by clearing your mind and helping you to think in a better manner. Aromatic candles such as mint, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus infuse the atmosphere with a light aroma which stimulates the brain and boosts productivity. Keeping such aromatic candles at your work desk or anywhere near your work space can work wonders for you.

Uplifts mood and evokes positive memories

Having candles burning in your house can put you in a good mood. Along with their calming effect, the scent of the candles, especially citrus and rosemary stimulates the part of the brain which is associated with memories and emotions. Memories, particularly the happy ones, can be triggered with certain scents associated with them which can instantly put you in a good mood. These scents also trigger the release of hormones like dopamine and serotonin which influence our emotional state and uplift our mood.

Gives your home a contemporary stylish appearance

Candles increase the beauty of you house by giving it a gorgeous soft mellow ambience. If you prefer bold tastes then you can opt for bright coloured candles. Not only do candles create a warm aura in your house but also work great as decorative items. Use it as a part of your chandelier or keep it as a decorative piece at the dinner table. Put it in the bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere or keep them in the garden to give it a cosy touch. Candles are bound to look spectacular anywhere.

Candles have many amazing physiological effects on our body, mind and soul. And therefore, it is no surprise that candles have made their way back into our lives. So make sure to pamper yourself with your favourite scented candle today.

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