Your big day is here, you know what it means for the dear brides-to-be. You will be browsing all of the latest engagement and wedding rings in full force. So what does the latest crop of engagement rings have to offer? There are literally hundreds and thousands of options to make choosing tough. Traditional wedding rings are popular among couples, but there are couples who do not wish to go traditional. They like something new, stylish, and unique. The wedding rings Atlanta offers engagement rings in colorful gems engraved in unique bands and metals. If you are looking to have something stylish and fashionable, this post is for you.

Some of the latest trends in engagement rings include:

Elongated diamond cuts

The diamond cuts are available in elongated, oval, pear shapes. The style has skyrocketed over the last year. Celebrities like Kelly Dod, Jennifer Lopez, Bindi Irwin are spotted wearing these types of rings. These are chic shapes hence will remain popular for the next few years.

Geographical coordinates

These types of engagement rings are very much in trend, couples have their locations engraved in the form of symbols or tiny map of their favorite location or their first home together. A unique styled ring that nowadays trending in this generation couples.

Updated cut solitaires

Your bride does not want something traditional and big; she is looking for classic yet fashionable in style. Choose wedding rings that come with clean lines from the top. To make it more beautiful, there are small diamonds on the side giving a refined look. A sparkling solitaire ring which is simple yet a stunning combination, adding a charm to your lady’s finger.

Twisted band pattern

Intertwined bands not only look romantic but unique. These bands are increasingly popular in the couple as they are available in almost all the precious metals, and stones to choose from. Whetherthe rings are made in yellow gold, or platinum it gives a stunning look to the wearer.

Multiple stones rings

Meghan Markle is the reason for the soaring popularity of multiple stones ring. Three to five stones in the ring are becoming a popular choice for engagement and wedding occasions. Diamonds of different shapes look great stacked studded on wedding bands.

Colored stones

Colorful gemstones can make amazing wedding bands. They express individuality. Look out for the stones that attract you the most. Some of the popular stone shades are navy blue, green, and pink. You will find these shades in sapphires, opal, and emerald stones. They make perfect wedding rings, as they are available in pairs to buy.

Delicate details

There are couples who prefer thin bands. The delicate design looks classy and elegant. What’s more, it immediately draws attention to the stone studded on the ring.

Unisex rings

Today couples are going the minimal route and opting for a simple wedding band, not unlike the typical bride and groom’s ring. If you don’t like the idea of wearing a diamond every day, this trend may be for you.

The above-mentioned are the latest trends of engagement and wedding bands to choose from. Not they are unique but each one has a classic way when it comes to representing a commitment ring.

Once you have narrowed down your ring choices, there are few things to consider before you pay. Just take one step at a time:

Start searching for your ring early

Once you have the idea of what kind of rings you both will like to have, it is time to browse. If you have chosen an unusual design or the one that is hard to get, consider looking for them ahead of time to avoid the hassle. Searching early will give you ample time to understand the stone size, ring styles, prices, etc. Also, keep in mind that engraving will take a month or more to prepare.

Keeping your lifestyle in mind

If you are going to wear the ring everyday, choose something that is seamless and easy to maintain. If you are playing sports or playing an instrument, consider having a slim band. If you are wearing it daily, go for platinum bands they are durable and do not wear away.

Consider buying rings together

Cut the surprises, there has happened with couples that the rings they have bought did not go well with the engagement ring. Hence, to avoid the fuss it is recommended to buy the rings together. This will avoid the confusion of the size and style. Both of you get to choose the style and design and sizes of your choice ensuring that it is a perfect match. If you are planning to wear your wedding band alone, you will want to have something more intricate. Talk to your jeweler about it, of getting the desired kind of ring that you both cherish it wearing.


When shopping for the wedding ring in Atlanta, set aside more margin for both the rings. Embellishments, engravings, and studding extra stones will cost you more. Additionally, getting insurance will be insurance will charge you extra. If you are looking for a jeweler to make exquisite rings, connect with wedding rings specialists in Atlanta

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