Changes that Might Happen for Weddings

The world is going through a tough phase with COVID-19, a pandemic that has stolen the peace and quiet from our lives. But life stops for nothing. It goes on. Even COVID-19 couldn’t halt our lives; however, it has changed everything a lot. Weddings are not untouched either. People are getting married alright but the way they are getting married is different all over the world. Here are 5 changes that might happen for weddings all over the world, including Toronto, after COVID-19

No more fairytale wedding
Brides and grooms often dream of a grand wedding, something right out of a fairytale. But COVID-19 has just changed that. With all the uncertainty and the threat of the pandemic, people are choosing to cut down on all the frills and they are liking it. COVID has made people realise, they don’t need an extravagant wedding, it does no good. Instead, they are saving on the expenses for something better, something they want more. Many are spending their wedding money on helping those in need and giving meaning to their most important day.

More intimate gatherings
With social distancing and lockdowns, people are getting married in their backyard with their families and closest friends who could attend. And that is making them even happier as compared to the big fat fairytale wedding. They are loving how relaxing it is not catering to a huge crowd and trying to please them all. When the stress of making an impact is gone, they are enjoying their own wedding. This is one trend that might continue even after COVID-19.

A decline in marriage rates
Some people are not ready to settle for a smaller wedding. For them, a wedding is all about grandeur and luxury. Chances are even long after COVID, people will be fearsome of huge gatherings. People who have canceled their wedding for the time when large gatherings will be allowed but that might not be anytime soon. So, it is evident that there will be a drop in marriage rates. While some might not feel like marrying ever with the peer pressure gone.

Changed mindsets
COVID has led people to celebrate their union in an intimate ceremony, without a huge crowd and a grand venue. And they are loving it. People are enjoying the stress free ceremony in an intimate gathering where they don’t have to spend too much and enjoy more than the grand weddings. This is changing the mindset of society. Even after COVID, chances are people will stick with the intimate marriage ceremonies and spend the saving on something better. They have realised that getting married in their backyard with just their family around is so much fun and they just might keep doing that.

Digitalised ceremony
Since people are not able to attend the marriage of their loved ones, they are attending it digitally over social media or zoom or something similar. The photographers are using digital tools to create beautiful wedding pictures and sell them online. There are many stories where the bride and the groom got married in an online ceremony with equal enthusiasm and honesty. Nothing can stop people who love each other from uniting. And people might continue this trend even after COVID since it is more stress free and fun.

COVID-19 has changed the wedding ceremonies a lot. Wedding Limo Toronto might get hired for relatives to travel to the ceremony. And chances are we will be seeing these changes for quite some time to come. COVID has changed people’s mindset and fear has a way of staying. Book a wedding Limousine now!

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