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5 Free Android Tethering Apps You Cannot Live Without

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By Christine David

Tethering is not new. It has existed for ages. It is the process of connecting devices to your phone so that you can share phone’s data plan to connect to the internet via other devices such as laptop.

Tethering is helpful when you don’t have internet access and you cannot use your laptop, tablets, and other internet enabled devices. Connecting your devices with the phone wirelessly or via a cable will solve the issue. Most of the smartphones have tethering or hotspot features available with them. You have to enable the tethering to get started. The actual process of enabling tethering manually from the phone is a bit technical and varies from phone to phone.

However, there are several tethering apps available on the Google Play store that do it without much hassle. If you are a non-tech dude, you should install one of these apps to get started right away.

FoxFi: One of the oldest and trusted android apps for tethering is none other than FoxFi. It is best for those who need a simple hassle-free solution to tethering without messing with the settings of their phone. It comes with a bunch of features such as control panel, setting tethering speeds, security, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Anyone with a smartphone can use FoxFi for the fact that it is really simple and easy-to-use. You’ll love using it.

ClockworkMod Tether: This happens to be a more sophisticated tethering app that isn’t just easy-to-use but it comes with supporting software for Mac, Windows, and Linux which means, you will have to install the software on your laptop (or computer) to connect it to the phone. The software is reliable and not one of those malwares that you’ve to remove with the help of Revo uninstaller pro. This makes it a reliable and trustworthy software that can be used with all types of machines.

It has better features and a nice control panel to work with. Overall, it happens to be an easy option but since it isn’t free, therefore, most of the people still prefer using FoxFi.

Tethering widget: This one is not an app rather a widget but since it is extremely user-friendly that I cannot go without it. Once you install the widget, it will add two different widgets in the widget tab of your smartphone; one for USB and the other for Wi-Fi.

Simply select the type of tethering required and you are all set. Simple, isn’t it? This tiny widget is free and the best companion of all the non-technical guys out there.

WiFi Tethering: This free tethering app is for advanced users. If you plan to take tethering to the next level, install WiFi Tethering.

It roots your smartphone and in return, it gives you some of the best features and a full control on everything such as ad-hoc mode and the AP. The control panel is not that user-friendly but it gives you a whole lot of options and features to choose from.

If you are not an advanced user, this app is not for you.

Barnacle WiFi Tether: It is an open source app that’s free to use. It roots the phone, therefore, it is only recommended for advanced users. It gives you fair enough control. It works smoothly with Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, and several other devices.

Conclusion: If you think you can deal with the tethering from smartphone settings, you don’t need an app. However, it is better not to mess with the settings and stick to an app that you can handle easily. Choose one of these apps to share your phone’s internet with other devices and make the best use of 4G.

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