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Android Application Development Tutorial: Detailed Overview

Businesses of all sizes are being thrust into a new era. In the modern world, without an online presence, a business is sure to struggle. This makes it easier for consumers to find companies and interact with them even if they can’t make it to a brick-and-mortar location.  This customer convenience shows plenty of returns for businesses too. They can increase brand recognition, brand loyalty, consumer retention, online traffic, and
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5 Free Android Tethering Apps You Cannot Live Without

By Christine David Tethering is not new. It has existed for ages. It is the process of connecting devices to your phone so that you can share phone’s data plan to connect to the internet via other devices such as laptop. Tethering is helpful when you don’t have internet access and you cannot use your laptop, tablets, and other internet enabled devices. Connecting your devices with the phone wirelessly or
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Tech: 2017’s Android Takeover Case

By Rachael Everly It seems today that mobile is becoming more important than desktops for internet and applications. Last year’s stats from the industry revealed that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, for the first time ever, exceeded in traffic than from desktops. The data put out by StatCounter showed that mobile devices accounted for 51.3% of the internet use while desktops comprised of 48.7 percentage of that usage. Right
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iSpy? : Samsung Goes Undercover For iPhone 5s Launch

Cupertino, CA -- Droves of Apple fanboys were not the only ones interested in the latest launch from Apple. Samsung, the world's largest manufacture of cell phones, was also interested in see the hype behind the iPhone. However their interests were in the people who were lining up. One can remember "The Next Big Thing" ads Samsung has run for a few years now mocking those waiting in line to get the newest
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Galaxy Gear Smart-Watch: Samsung Unveils Smart Divice

Berlin-- At the IFA last week Samsung, showed off their addition to the smart-watch market. The new watch labeled Galaxy Gear, will launch at the beginning of October in the United States. The watch will let uses seamlessly connect their phones, users can answer calls, set appointments, and even take pictures and videos. Sporting a 1.9 megapixel camera on the wrist band, the Galaxy Gear smart watch can send photos and
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Galaxy Note 3 Confirmed: Samsung’s New Phablet Set For Late September Release.

BERLIN – At IFA 2013, Samsung unveiled their newest smart phone/tablet--phablet, the Galaxy Note 3. With a 5.7 in Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy Note 3 is slightly bigger than the Note 2. In addition to the larger screen the Note 3 will come with an updated S Pen features and a leather-bound stitched back.  Launched with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Note 3 will have a fast 2.3 GHZ quad-core
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Android Security Concerns? FBI Urges “Gingerbread” Users to “Watchout”

Android, Google’s popular smart phone software, is the world’s most used mobile platform. As it is so widely used, there are more and more hackers trying to find away to get personal info. Those still using Android 2.3.7 to 2.3.7 or Gingerbread do not have the same security features that later updates provide. In a leaked memo, the FBI is urging local police to watch-out for criminals trying to take
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Buyer Beware: New Early Upgrade Plans Are Not Worth It

It seems that there is a new smart phone out every day. With technology changing and getting better overnight, the demand for a new upgrade to the newest phone is high. With new phones and plans coming out, the big four of phone carriers in the United States; Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have all rolled out an early upgrade system where consumers can trade in their phones as