Motorcycle Riders

There are many reasons why people enjoy riding a motorcycle. Some do it for easy commuting, some do it for camaraderie, some do it to save money on the fuel and most do it for the thrill. Most motorcycle riders would agree that the wind rushing past their face while riding gives them a sense of freedom and makes the experience more delightful. In spite of all the good things that come with riding a motorcycle, one cannot deny the fact that motorcycle riding is far more risky than driving a car. However, motorcycle riding is like an adventure sport, which can be enjoyed with proper precaution and presence of mind. So, here are a few important things that every motorcycle rider should know before hitting the road.

1. Make sure you have your insurance, motorcycle registration and license

The process of obtaining a license to ride a motorcycle may be bit tedious, but it’s going to help in the long run. You have to pass a motorcycle riding test and a written test before you are given your license to ride on the roads. Apart from this, you should also get your motorcycle registered and insured. The insurance of your motorcycle is extremely important considering the fact that a motorcycle is more vulnerable and more prone to accidents on the road. Make sure to always carry your license when you go out riding your motorcycle.

2. Purchase good quality safety gear and wear them on the road

A lot of people think riding a motorcycle without proper gear is cool, but it isn’t. You’re risking your life and that of others on the road by doing so. The high impact on your body, especially the head, in the event of a mishap can be life threatening. So make sure to invest in a good quality helmet with adequate padding for your head, a pair of good leather gloves and a decent wayfarer or goggles if your helmet is open faced. Additionally you can wear reinforced leather jackets, boots and pants for extreme protection. For summers, you can opt for gears which are specially designed to provide ventilation along with protection. Always gear up before you ride for it will keep you alive.

3. Always be alert on the road

You should keep your eyes on the road and ensure that you focus on your safety rather than missing a turn. Always be cautious before taking a turn or changing lanes and be vigilant of gravel on the road or bad road conditions. Be careful when its pouring and the roads are slippery and when you are crossing rail tracks. Not everyone on the road drives carefully; therefore you should always be mindful of your surrounding and react quickly to save yourself in case of motorcycle accidents. If you have met with an accident due to someone else’s mistake then you should hire a lawyer to hold them accountable.

4. Inspect your ride before hitting the road

If you want to avoid getting stuck midway on your way to your destination, then always inspect your motorcycle before hitting the road. Thoroughly check your bike for any inadequacies. Check your tires and breaks and make sure that a quick stop in case of emergency won’t be dangerous. Inspect your motorcycle engine and see that it’s not leaking. Make sure that your tank is full; the lights and signals of the motorcycle are functioning when you start the motorcycle, the clutch is not sticking and the mirrors are adjusted.

5. Follow traffic rules

All motorcycle riders should follow traffic rules diligently. Do not drink and ride in order to avoid harming yourself and others on the road. Drowsiness and fatigue can reduce your reaction time, so make sure you don’t ride if you are tired and sleepy. Always ride defensively; don’t ride in another drivers blind spot, ride with your headlights on, be alert while taking a turn and switch on your signal blinkers in advance before changing lanes.

With constant regard for road rules, consistent education, common sense and knowledge of the above mentioned points, motorcycle riding can be fun and safe.

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