Now more than ever, people are looking for creative ways to achieve better fitness. Given you can’t really go to the gym right now, and going out and pursuing some of the more recreational forms of exercise, such as group sports and the like, well, those aren’t safe right now.

However, as many medically reviewed texts have pointed out, a lack of improve fitness will only serve to enhance the depression people are experiencing right now, as well as a sense of stir craziness, being experienced across the world.

Today, I want to give some important tips regarding better fitness, and those tips aren’t just about how to get healthy during this pandemic, they are some tips that apply no matter what. When people go into a new exercise routine, they have a tendency to make some mistakes that are actually more destructive, or rather at least they hinder progress, on the outset. These may seem like common sense, but I want to point these out as some of the more realistic, non-hyperbolic pieces of advice to take seriously. Some claims that go around are myths, these are not.

#1 – Easy does it!

You should have a routine, you should stick to that routine, but you should never run yourself ragged. There is this old idea that if you aren’t exhausting yourself and leaving yourself feeling like absolute hell, then the exercises and going to work. This isn’t true.

While some level of fatigue is necessary, and you should continue to pursue a gradual increase to the demands of your regime so that they always leave you a tad sore, working yourself into oblivion is actually going to serve to hurt you, and it will make your body resist improvements, thinking it’s under assault.

#2 – Don’t starve yourself!

People tend to think that if they don’t put themselves on meager portions, and don’t cut out all of the good foods in their life, they will just remain out of shape. This isn’t true, it’s all about moderation, but if you starve yourself, no matter how much you exercise, your body will just try to hold onto flab, thinking it’s being starved.

#3 – You should like your exercise…

Choose exercises, for the most part, that you actually like doing. You’re bound to find something, even during this pandemic, such as walking, cycling, hiking, even motion-controlled video games can be intensive for exercise purposes. Sure, you have to do some repetitive, less-than-fun things like squats, push-ups, etc., but that doesn’t need to be the bulk of your exercise!

#4 – Do research based on your gender…

Men’s fitness and women’s fitness are actually somewhat different, as male and female bodies have different metabolic rates, different musculature and so forth. This also applies to diet, as well as supplements and anything else. So, while it’s a good idea to be as in discriminatory regarding gender as possible in most things, when it comes to medicine, biology and a handful of other things, it really does matter.

#5 – Choose only medically reviewed advice…

There are a whole host of people out there giving fitness advice, be it exercise, diet, supplements, etc. Many of these people are charlatans, peddling mysticism, snake oil and the like. When choosing your regime, your supplements and your diet, choose only medically reviewed information!

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