Finding your soul mate is a beautiful experience, the journey you both take to find one another is what makes the experience unique.

Unfortunately, there are many who throw this spark away within a few years of being married, more often than not saying that they grew apart and moved onto greener pastures. The thing with commitment is that you need to continuously look for new ways to fan the flame and find things to do together, as a team, not with someone else.

So whether it’s visiting a golf course for the day or you wanting to play online casino games at NoviCasino, you should consider your partner and invite your better half for a day or evening of fun. Not only will this make your soul mate feel special and wanted but it will grow you as a couple, driving you further into each other’s arms rather than away from one another.

Need some tips? Here are 5 ways of living together to keep you together.

Finding a Shared Passion

Being passionate about something doesn’t mean he needs to learn to cook or her how to play football, it means finding a shared interest and committing to something as a team. Think of something to do together, whether its mountain climbing or taking a stroll, find the time and make it a date.

Date Night

On the topic of dates, it doesn’t matter if you are married or not. Treat your better half with the same respect you would have on the first date. Commit to having a date night and if you are one of those unfortunate couples who don’t have the support structure so many do, wait for the kids to fall asleep and make a picnic on your living room floor. The intimacy is absolutely necessary.

Make Time For One Another

Whether it’s an hour in the garden after a weekend’s breakfast or if it’s cuddling on the couch together, make sure you create time in your crazy schedules to be with one another so that you can appreciate all these small qualities that we begin to miss out on.


When things go south, as they will, teach yourself to listen to the others plight. Listen and learn and try to fix the problem with what you have learned from listening.


Don’t let the romance slip from your relationship. If you see a card just thanking him for being a wonderful husband, buy it and write the things you appreciate about him. Buy her a bouquet of flowers no matter how many times she says she hates flowers, it’s the thought that counts and chances are she really doesn’t hate them unless she is allergic, then buy her a car!

Never lose focus of each other. It is you and your partner against the world and if you can keep that flame hot, you will always have each other to count on and someone to look forward to going home and sharing your daily news with.

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