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5 minute craft uses of Velcro that’ll make your life easy

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Attach anything with a gentle push. That’s what velcro does.

Finding many uses in our day-to-day life, velcro is an essential part of many household equipments. But when it comes to all its uses, it can serve more than we think.

In this post, we talk about some of the easiest velcro crafts.

DIY Velcro crafts that take no more than 5 minutes of your time

In the day-to-day life we often come across situations where a stripe of velcro can be of great help.

Too bad we miss out on those. Nothing to worry about though. Here we help you recall a few such situations.

1. Attach small velcro stripes between buttons

Okay, this goes for all those who have any sort of gaps between buttons on their shirt.

What you can do is simply stitch a small velcro stripe between two buttons. This will keep your shirt held strong and the gaps won’t look untidy or revealing, if that’s a concern.

2. Keep seat cushions from sliding

Do you also hate it when seat cushions keep sliding here and there the moment you sit?

Well, welcome to the lot then. To avoid this annoying situation from happening, here’s a fix.

Simply stitch four pieces of velcro ‘hook’ on all corners of the cushion. Once done with that, just stick 4 self adhesive velcro ‘loops’ to the seat that you want to place these cushions on.

Now, you can sit on your seat and cushion with no hassle. Solved quick, right?

3. Hang a smoke alarm

House fires might be a rare affair, but when they occur, things can go really bad. In a case like this, a fire/smoke alarm would be of great help.

So, consider hanging a smoke alarm on a wall in your house. The best and the easiest way to do that is by using velcro stripes.

Simply stick the self adhesive hook to the alarm and loop on the wall. After that, you know the rest.

4. Heavy duty velcro to hang tools on garage walls

Those who spend a lot of time in the garage would know. One major issue with working with machines is the inability to find the right tool at the right time. Not that, it’s too hard to find, but it wastes time.

To dodge such situations you can use heavy duty velcro stripes. Just stick a velcro ‘hook’ on the wall and ‘loop’ on your tools.

This way, all your tools will be in front of your eyes and in your reach when you’ll need them.

5. Hide/attach external hard drives or similar devices under your computer table

Does it sound shady? Well, even if it does, you’d know if it’s really useful for you.

We all come across situations when we need to hide stuff from someone or the other. And even if it’s not about hiding, you might need to attach some stuff to your easy access.

Attaching your hard drive, headphones or anything that you might urgently need near your computer table will really save you a lot of hassle and time.

For example, I am fond of drinking my favorite juice as I work. So, I used a heavy duty velcro stripe to attach a cup holder near my computer table.

And here you saw some really cool and easy to implement velcro crafts.

We hope you found these useful and if you did, do share this post with your friends.

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