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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This applies to us in actual life too. We work hard 5 days a week and to wind down we must take time off on the weekends or in the evening to relax with friends. You can choose to relax alone too but being alone for long periods isn’t too healthy for human beings. If you are staying in the city in Toronto, then head outside to these cool places to explore near Toronto.

Port Hope

The small town of Port Hope in Ontario is a good option for a quiet getaway. You can come here with your friends for some R&R The shores of Lake Ontario are a great option to spend some time on. Take a tour of the historical town and enjoy the charm of the small town. Just enjoy doing nothing for a while. There are plenty of bed and breakfasts here which you can put up at.

Wasaga Beach

The Wasaga Beach in Simcoe County has the longest freshwater beach in the world. It is a popular summer destination just 2 hours away from Toronto. Because of this, it is one of the best places to explore near Toronto.The town is near the Blue Mountains which also attracts a lot of visitors. The beach is a part of the provincial Park and there are several more beaches. The park is open for day use and you can go swimming in the water. There are trails for recreational purposes and one can go cycling, hiking or snowmobiling when the time is right. There are canoe routes and game fishing options that you can also make use of. The beaches have parking and toilet facilities. There are playgrounds, bars and fast-food restaurants. With so many beaches in one area, you can take your time and explore the area.

Killarney Provincial Park

The Killarney Provincial Park with its quartzite ridges and sapphire blue lakes are considered the best parts of the Ontario Park System. There is a campground near George Lake. You could go canoeing or hiking on trails in the wilderness. The campgrounds have yurts with heating, light, power and bunk beds. Hiking to higher ground will bless you with breathtaking views. The campground has access to beaches. This place has been an inspiration for many popular artists.

Scarborough Bluffs and Late-night Breakfast

Enjoy the great outdoors at the Scarborough Bluffs, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Take a dip in the lake or enjoy a bonfire under the stars. There are designated fire pits for people to start a bonfire safely. You can bring your own firewood, camper chairs and hot dogs to roast over the fire. Or just enjoy s’mores after roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. It is a good way to just chill without heading too far from the city. But remember to put the fire out and dispose of trash appropriately before leaving. After a hard night of partying or chilling at the Bluffs, you can get late-night breakfast as well. You could also have a party bus in Toronto to take you and friends from one place to another without worrying about transport.

Distillery District

The historic Distillery District is a historic area which has been restored to transform into a trendy district. Galleries, restaurants, studios and boutiques occupy the space. This is an interesting place to spend time in as there are a variety of events that happen here. The Toronto Christmas Market is set here, and warm areas are set with fire pits and couches arranged it. Enjoy the hot chocolate while you are here. There are festivals and concerts held here and you can get Toronto Party Bus Rentals for you and your friends to get to these concerts.

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