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5 Potential Health Risks of Vaping

The common perception about vaping is that it is less risky than smoking due to which the tobacco companies are coerced to warn the people about potential side effects of smoking while vaping companies are not asked to do so.

Many people feel tempted to switch to vaping when they want to wean off the habit of traditional smoking. However, it is important to considerthe characteristics of vaping before anyone switches to it. Here we are going to discuss 5 health risks associated with vaping.

1.  Vaping Causes Sore Throat:

E-Cigarettes contain a nickel-based coil that most of the people are allergic to. Many people don’t know about it until they don’t switch to vaping and face severe sore throat. The sore throat can also occur due to the intake of nicotine in cigarettes.

People wanting to use E-Cigarettes should check the material of the coil. The steel coils are also used in E-Cigarettes. Although steel can also cause sore throat, the likelihood of getting a sore throat with it is only up to 10%. Even if you don’t get better with steel to and sore throat persists, you should see the doctor

2.  Vaping Causes Respiratory Problems

The e-cigarettes are supposed to transport less nicotine as compared to a traditional cigarette. It was thought initially that the vaping couldbe used as a gateway to quitting smoking. Recent studies have found that they are not able to help smokers in quitting smoking.

The nicotine most pernicious thing for a body no matter it is consumed in low quantity or high concentration. The nicotine affects the reproductive system of the smoker and also causes many respiratory problems.

3.  Vaping Can Also Cause Injuries:

There are batteries used in e-cigarettes. When these batteries get malfunctioned, they can cause injury on the hand and mouth. Often, the people swallow the liquid used in the e-cigarettes accident that causes many respiratory problems and infections in the body. Furthermore, if that liquid comes in contact with eyes and nose, serious infection can occur there.

4.  Vaping Can Cause Gain or Loss in Weight:

Since the vaping also causes the nicotine intake, it can be the cause of increase or loss in weight. Many people use cigarettes on the pretext of losing weight as the nicotine present in the cigarette is supposed to suppress the appetite. The nicotine is associated with fat burning just as other stimulants. However, many people also gain weight when they try to give up on vaping.

5.  Vaping Can Cause Nausea:

Vaping does not stop the intake of nicotine due to which, many people experience the feeling of nausea due to vaping. Whenever any such product is usedin an attempt to reduce the nicotine intake; people experience the upset stomach. However, on a specific nicotine intake, the nauseous feeling can be stopped.

Despite the potential side effects, vaping is still the best choice for people switching to vaping fromtraditional smoking. People who are new to vaping can try best vape starter kit as voted by Vaping360.

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