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5 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Panels in Your Home

Due to the disaster that global warming has caused in the past decades, it’s no wonder why the discussion of sustainable and renewable energy sources is a hot topic today. One of the environment-friendly alternatives that environmentalists always talk about is solar energy.

Switching to the use of solar energy can bring a lot of economic and environmental benefits. Since it produces zero greenhouse gas emission, it’s a promising energy source to use to mitigate the effects of global warming. Besides, using solar energy can also minimize electricity expenses.

If you think that using solar energy to power your home is a good idea and using energy comparison sites such as Simply Switch, here are some of its benefits to further persuade into installing a solar energy technology in your household.

Lower or Zero Monthly Electricity Expenses

Since solar energy taps the energy of the sun to provide electricity to homes and business establishments, it means that you’ll only have to pay lower or zero power bills every month. For sure, that’s a significant amount of money saved straight into your pocket.

Although you’ll have to shell out your investment for the installation, you can guarantee that the money that you invested will return to you in just a few years.

Government Tax Incentives

Aside from the fact that you can save a large amount of money from your power bills, switching to the use of solar power can also help you get tax incentives from the government.

In countries like the United States, citizens can get tax incentives if they’ll set up solar panels in their household. Since using solar energy is beneficial to the environment, the government wants a large number of its citizens to start using this eco-friendly energy source.  

If you avail of the incentives offered by the government, you can cut down the cost of the installation by up to 30 percent. Then, there are the solar renewable energy credits that allow homeowners to get a loan for the installation of solar panels.

Property Value Boost

Due to the popularity of renewable energy sources for home use such as solar energy, many homebuyers are now looking for a property that has solar panels in it. That means that if you have solar panels installed in your home, the market value of your real estate property can get a boost. As such, homebuyers will take an interest in buying it at a competitive price.

Mitigation of the Effects of Global Warming

One way to contribute to the protection of the planet is to use sustainable and renewable energy sources like solar power. It’s not a secret knowledge to us that day by day we’re experiencing the harmful effects of global warming.

Heat waves, melting ice caps, typhoons, floods, and other deadly natural calamities that already claimed millions of lives are the result of environmental neglect caused by humans. If we don’t start taking action, chances are this phenomenon will lead to the complete destruction of our planet.

So, to help mitigate the effects of global warming, it’s a must that we start using renewable energy sources to power homes and business establishments. The technology is already in front of us. Only our initiative to take action is lacking.

If the majority of the global population will use solar energy, for instance, we can significantly reduce the burning of fossil fuels which is the leading cause of the warming of the planet. If you want to install solar panels in your household, companies like Powertec Electric can help you for that purpose.

Reduction of Health Risks

Burning fossil fuels not only destroy the environment, but it also ruins human health. Heart failure, asthma, and chronic bronchitis are just a few of the diseases caused by the emission of greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere.

As such, it’s a must that we use eco-friendly energy sources like solar power. Solar power produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, meaning it’s safe for the planet and for us humans.


There are a lot of advantages if we start using renewable energy sources like solar power. Not only that it reduces our electricity expenses, but it also helps mitigate the effects of global warming.

Installing solar power technology in your home can also increase the market value of your property, and it can minimize human health risks. Indeed, using solar power is a must nowadays.

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