safe places to travel in 2021

Summers are a great time to take a vacation. Schools are out and most employers expect employees to take a break at this time. People in the tropics move to cooler climes, whereas those living in colder regions experience temperatures warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. But everyone’s holiday plans have gone for a toss due to the pandemic. But with international travel slowly resuming, here are the top 5 safe places to travel in 2021 in summer.

New Zealand

New Zealand was one of the first few countries that managed to tackle the pandemic well. When the rest of the world was still trying to curb infections, New Zealand had successfully eased restrictions because lesser people were getting infected. It is a peaceful country and quite safe. Entry into New Zealand is controlled and travelers that are not in a quarantine-free area have to isolate. All visitors require a negative covid-19 test result to enter the country. But that is to keep everyone safe. The country has majestic natural surroundings and one can enjoy them in isolation too – by staying away from groups. Natural beauty and friendly people are what you will get here. It was also a set for the “Lord of the Rings” and the sweeping landscapes can make for a great vacation.


Iceland ranks well in the Global Peace Index and they have strict protocols in place for travelers. Restrictions apply to third-country visitors and everyone arriving is tested at the border. Everyone entering the country has to quarantine for five days and also has to take a second test for covid-19 before leaving the country. A visitor must have a negative covid-19 test, done 72 hours before arrival. The country has also announced that everyone who has completed their vaccinations don’t need to quarantine or test again. Known as the “Land of Fire and Ice” because it has active volcanoes and glaciers, it is the hub of Norse mythology and Viking history. And if you like landscapes with frosty lakes and waterfalls, Iceland is sure to capture your imagination. Travel websites like Travils can help visitors with more information on movement and stay in Iceland too.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and a warm climate on top of that. All those wanting to get some sun, head here for it. It has protocols in place to keep the population safe from covid-19 and the borders have opened again for tourists. Costa Rica has always been a major tourist attraction due to its beaches, rainforests and luxe hotels. Waterfalls, great liquor, volcanoes and a strong heritage is what one will find here. It has so many options for visitors that it isn’t easy to get bored.


Greece has always been one of the safest places to travel in the world and has stood at a good spot in various travel surveys. You will find stunning landscapes and a rich heritage. Greece was one of the first few countries to open its border post the covid-19 pandemic. The country still requires everyone to practice social distancing measures and masking for safety reasons. Athens, Mount Olympus, Lake Plastira and Santorini are some of the best attractions to see.


Croatia has also implemented good measures to control the spread of the virus and it has one of the lowest infection rates in Europe. The health infrastructure is solid and there are more hospital beds per inhabitant. It is welcoming vaccinated visitors and they also require a negative covid report. It is one of the top safe places to travel in 2021. The country boasts of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ancient cities, blue seas, national parks and amazing views. Every visitor will have something to do or see in this majestic place.

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