Lift kits for Jeeps are among the most popular upgrades for the off-road vehicles. A lot of people who want them are buying one for the first time. Therefore, they don’t know much about lift kits or how to select one. The following are five of the things you need to know before you invest in your Jeep Wrangler lift kit.

1) There Are Two Main Types

First and foremost, there are two major types of lift kits. These are suspension and body lifts.

Suspension lift kits increase the height of the suspension. So, if you pick up that Rough Country suspension lift kit you have been looking at, you will be increasing the distance between the ground and the frame. This increases your clearance and approach/departure angles.

Conversely, a body lift kit increases the height of the body above the frame. This is useful for adding larger off-road wheels. It also has an aesthetic benefit. However, it won’t improve your clearance. Body lift kits are usually significantly less expensive.

2) You May Also Need Off-Road Wheels

If you’ve ever seen a lifted vehicle with stock wheels, you know that it can look a little silly. So, if you are lifting your vehicle, you likely want to get some bigger wheels and tires. Plus, this will help you to get the full benefits of your lift (there’s no point in having extra clearance if you can’t take on trails). There are lots of options for Jeeps, but many owners like large, off-road tires.

3) Some Require Additional Modifications

Not every lift kit has an easy installation process. In fact, some require modifications to the transmission, brakes and other major vehicle components. This is because the extra distance to the ground means that some linkages need to be longer. Some kits are fairly simple. Just make sure what you are getting into before buying.

4) You Get What You Pay For (Usually)

For the most part, you will get your money’s worth out of your lift kit, whatever you put into it. To get a really capable kit, you probably will need to spend a little more such as for a top-end Teraflex Jeep lift. Conversely, if you try to go for the most budget-friendly option, you may not be totally satisfied with the quality. That being said, there are great deals to be had. It just takes a little research (or a good sale at your favorite e-commerce site).

5) They’re a Great Upgrade

Overall, lift kits are really good upgrades for Jeeps. They add to the functionality and form of the vehicle. With a lift kit, you can get more of what you love from your Jeep. So, you should give this upgrade some serious consideration.

Get Your Lift Kit Today

Get started searching for the right lift kit for your Jeep. When you upgrade and customize your vehicle, you make the ownership experience even more enjoyable. This is especially true for Jeeps because there are so many aftermarket products available. Explore some of your options and find the right upgrades for your needs today.




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