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Drink THIS After Sex to Prevent UTI’s (Not Cranberry Juice!)

Well, cranberry juice may have been all the rage in the market. Maybe you have taken it yourself in cupfuls especially after you learned that UTIs recur. However, studies have brought the myth to rest and now, we know that cranberry juice is not quite the super UTI cure that bloggers made you believe it was. In this light then, you cannot help wondering just what you should drink after
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Yoga Vs. Pilates: Know The Similarities And Differences

Yoga and Pilates are two forms of exercise widely used in connecting the body with the mind. In general, both exercises improve health by enhancing oxygenation and blood flow. Despite being strongly related as body-to-mind forms of exercise, Yoga and Pilates still have differences. Speaking broadly, this means there are some exercises that apply only to Yoga while Pilates also incorporate exercises that aren't found in Yoga. For instance, Pilates
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Racing: The Best Accessories for Your Yamaha Supersport Bike

There is no better way to bring out the best in your Yamaha supersport bike than pimping it up with additional accessories and gadgets.If you are looking to build up your bike into something new, here are 6 new cool accessories that will perfect your Yamaha bike.Protective HelmetIt is an important part of a biker’s outfit. It protects the head from blows during falls and road accidents.The most important thing
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What Looks Better: Suspension Lift Kits or Body Lift Kits for Trucks?

To turn your Jeep into the ultimate truck, you need height. However, there is more than one way to raise the profile of your ride. It’s important to understand the difference between body and suspension lift kits for trucks. Before you decide which is right for your truck, consider the advantages each has to offer.Body Lift KitsBody kits are used to raise the cab and bed off your truck off
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Travel: The Seven Best Attractions In Kentucky

For an immense time, Kentucky has remained an attractive place not only for its beautiful culture and varied geography but also for its imposing range of attractions. Popularly dubbed the Bluegrass State, Kentucky boasts dozens of attractions including spectacular caves, natural springs and lovely parks. If you’re damn bent on finding out some of Kentucky’s gorgeous attractions, rest assured that this very article is the content you definitely need. Finally,
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Auto: How To Reinstate Your Driver’s License

Having a driver’s license suspended can be an annoyance and an inconvenience to any driver. For any driver, professional or otherwise, it can be unfavourable to a person’s lifestyle and on their finances. How can my driver’s license get suspended? The reasons behind getting a suspended driver’s license are numerous and include; · Getting traffic violation and speeding tickets · Getting a ticket for drinking and driving · Driving without
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The Best Tactics To Avoid Credit Card Debt

Absolute freedom from debt is one of the things that likely interest every credit card holder but this doesn't seem easy to maintain. Ranging from sudden unavoidable expenses to the regular valuable ones, lots of expenses are certain to tempt many credit card holders to bring debt upon themselves. If personal discipline alone isn't sufficient to free you from the pit of credit card debt or prevent you from incurring
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Travel: A Safety Guide To City Cycling

The riding craze has caught up with the Americans, at last. City after city is making efforts to dedicate enough bike lanes. Many bike stations have come up and so have many bike renting apps. The public is deriving many benefits from cycling to work rather than driving. However, all benefits considered, this means of transport is not without its fair share of troubles, especially when you cycle in the
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8 Basic Things Every Truck Driver Should Have On the Road

Preparedness for truck drivers can’t be overemphasized as traveling on the road demands certain necessities that are unavoidable. Out on the open road, truckers soon learn that there are certain items that can’t be taken for granted, no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately, truck drivers are not born knowing what items are essential to carry along when making a round. For most, it takes at least a few months and several
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3 Bodybuilding Diet Tips For More Gains In The Gym

Bodybuilding isn’t always about the good looks, it is also essential to keeping fit and staying healthy. Moreover, the number of hours put into exercising at the gym will speed up the whole process of achieving the perfect physique. Besides the hours of relentless work put into building the perfect mass, what we consume also determines how well our muscles respond to the workouts. When it comes to building the