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5 Things you need to know about AT&T Stadium Suites

If you are looking for comfort and pleasure as you watch your favorite game, AT&T stadium could be the ideal place. The stadium offers over 300 states of the art suites that provide guests with the perfect seats for watching the game. Shared suites are also available for groups of 2 to 10 guests. The amenities at the AT&T stadium are upscale and aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience. This article explores some of the things you need to know about that make the AT&T stadium suites to feature among the best sports suites in the world.

  1. Amenities

AT&T is famous for having some of the best suits in the world. The facilities are upscale and provide the experience of a lifetime. The suites include private en-suite restrooms, WIFI, Bar/Kitchen area, VIP parking pass, and HDTVs. Other amenities include seating with two rows of stadium leather seats, lounge seating, an open-air balcony facing the field. You also get the option to purchase the in-suite catering.

  1. Best seating options for viewing the game

The purpose of purchasing suites at AT&T stadium is to get the best experience of watching your favorite game. AT&T understands this fact, and so they give you an opportunity of renting suites at a strategic position that’ll give you the best spot for watching the sporting activity. If you are looking for a bird’s-eye seating position, you’d better go for the Star level suite as it is the highest suite level at the AT&T stadium. The field level will give you the best experience of watching the game. If you want to feel the action, we’d suggest that you purchase the Touchdown Suite level and get the best vantage point for viewing the game and being close to the action.

  1. Suite levels

AT&T stadium provides guests with the option of purchasing up to 6 suite levels. Each level has its unique offerings. The price also differs from one suite level to another. The Hall of Fame suite is the most prestigious suite at the AT&T stadium. The other levels are the Field Level and the Star level, the Silver level, Ring of Honor, and the Touchdown level suite.

  1. Number of suites

The AT&T stadium consists of over 300 suites. There are shared suits at AT&T in Dallas. Shared suites are suitable for groups of between 2 and 10 guests. When you buy Shared suite, it means you’ll share a suit with other VIP guests. Shared suite guests also get access to VIP amenities. However, note that shared suites do not include catering in most cases.

  1. How much does a suite at AT&T stadium cost?

The pricing of suites varies depending on the location and matchup. Cowboy suites are a premium event since there are only 8 regular seasons.  A Cowboy suite will cost between $10,000 and 35,000. However, pre-season Cowboy suites can go as lows as $3,500.

The above points give you a clue on what to expect about AT&T stadium suites. We’d also like you to know that AT&T Stadium suites are also available for concerts and special events.

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