tips for a clean house

Who doesn’t love coming home to a clean and comfortable house? The answer is no one, well almost no one. Everyone loves clean surroundings and especially if you are spending a significant amount of time there. But if you are not, even then it is your go-to space – it is your home after all. So, if it is clean, you will feel better. A dirty and cluttered home can add to your stress levels and make you feel anxious over time. So, it is best to keep it clean and organized. Here are five tips for a clean house in Vancouver, where you can relax and feel calm.

Dusting and wiping

The first thing that one can start on is dusting. Dust can accumulate over time and lead to conditions such as sneezing due to dust and allergies. However, for a lot of people, plain dust doesn’t create any major health problems. But it makes the house appear quite dirty. The tabletop that hasn’t been used in a while, counters in guest rooms etc. are places where dust will gather and you won’t notice until there is a layer of it. But if you dust regularly and vacuum, then a general level of cleanliness can be maintained. Wipe down counters and window shades with a wet cloth or spray a cleaning liquid and wipe.

Cleaning upholstery and linen

Next on the list should be cleaning cloth items. Upholstery and linen are the most common items and are used daily. They need to be cleaned regularly. Wash the pillow cover, bed linen, towels, curtains and cushion cover. Vacuum the mattress and rotate it. When washing certain items, you could use hot water, because they need that type of cleaning. The house becomes fresh if you change out these things, if not daily, then maybe weekly or bi-weekly.

Focus on certain areas

Certain areas of the house require a lot more focus than bedrooms or living rooms. These are the kitchen and bathroom. In the bathroom, scrub the tile walls, bathtub, sink, shower and shower door. The mirrors will also need wiping down. The toilet bowl will need to be cleaned regularly and sanitized. Any drawers and cabinets in the area must be organized and unnecessary items must be removed. The shelves, stove, oven, refrigerator all need to be deep cleaned. The refrigerator especially can be gross if not cleaned well. The outer part of the house will also need attention as it is exposed most to natural elements. One can get exterior house cleaning in Vancouver with professional service providers as they can do it quickly and properly.

Dishes and utensils

Next up are the dishes and utensils that may be in use daily or occasionally. Tupperware, glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, vases; the number of things that fall under this category is numerous. Make a list and start working through those in batches. Some may get spoilt with time if they aren’t cleaned and maintained properly.

Clean the cleaners

The last item on the best tips for a clean house is to clean the cleaners. This includes items and appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, vacuum etc. These appliances help in keeping the house clean but need cleaning and maintenance themselves as well.

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