It’s not uncommon for men to dye their hair, especially for this holiday season. However, most men opt to go for a natural look to make their hair look brighter or to simply cover up their gray hair.

Figuring out the best hair color to suit you can be very tricky, especially if you’ve never dyed your hair before. Hair dyeing is not the same as buying a suit or pair of shoes, which you can change anytime. Thus, it’s essential to make sure that your new hair color is sending all the right signals by the time the job is done.

Here are some tips to guide you if you plan on dyeing your hair this holiday season:

  1. Let the pros dye your hair

When it comes to coloring your hair, the first tip to make everything right is to let the pros handle it. Everyone knows how expensive it can be to visit a salon and let them do the job, but this is the best option. Professionals in the salon know what they’re doing, and they’d certainly know which color would best fit you just by studying your hair texture and skin tone. 

Moreover, colorists have a complete hair dye kit. With them, you’ll reduce the risk of exposing yourself to store-bought dye products, which can damage your hair if misused.

      2. Consider your skin tone

Choosing the right hair color can make a huge difference in your overall look. That’s why it’s vital to consider your skin tone first, most especially if you’re also planning to dye your beard.

Your beard is closest to your face, so you may want to settle for a hair dye that’s safe for both your hair and your face. It’s best recommended that you look out first for the best beard dye for men. You can consult an expert colorist to help you choose a safe hair dye and the right color to fit your skin tone.

      3. Take your personal style into account

No matter how many color experts tell you about the right color to dye your hair, it definitely won’t be the right one if it doesn’t fit your personal style. Aside from considering your skin tone, you must also consider your overall fashion sense, what colors you have in your wardrobe, or even the dress code you have for your job. Your hair dye simply wouldn’t suit you if it’s banned in your company, or it’s something that clashes with your existing clothes.

     4. Consider your hair’s thickness

Excessive hair dyeing can lead to hair damage and dryness. That’s why if you have fragile hair or your hair texture is thinner than average, you should avoid heavier hair jobs. Most especially for men concerned about potential hair loss, they must avoid bleaching and toning as these processes require chemical use, which may result in further hair breakage or loss. 

     5. Observe proper maintenance

 If you want to keep your new hair color as long as possible, be prepared to add hair maintenance to your regular routine. You’re going to need a special shampoo that’s specifically made for color-treated hair and will help in maintaining the vibrancy of your new hairdo. It’s best to stick to the shampoo that your colorist recommended to protect your hair from dulling and fading. If you’re up for it, you can schedule a hair conditioning treatment once a week.

Finishing Touches

Dyeing your hair is an excellent step to take if you want to ultimately change the reflection you see in the mirror. After all, it’s a personal choice. Don’t forget to remember the key points mentioned above and, in no time, you’ll be rocking the best hair color you’ve ever had!



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