Sometimes it’s difficult to get the right information. You might even ask a friend or even ‘Google’ something. And that’s okay, for sure, but it’s not always valuable or extensive information. And for a topic such as this; we almost never get information about pleasure or enjoyment (when related to sex) that’s truly definitive.

It’s also true, that as teenagers or as young adults we get cautioned, mostly. We might be lead to avoid STDs/STIs (sexually transmissible diseases/sexually transmitted infections). And the idea of pregnancy given as a scary consequence to watch out for is often spoken about, but we’re rarely given a true understanding about how to discover and really thoroughly enjoy our pleasure with regard to sex.

The enjoyment factor is the primary and key reason most of us have sexual intercourse, so here are 5 incredible ways to have more of it in your life… Enjoy!

1. Use lubricant in addition to condoms

It’s strange how condom usage is so often taught without mentioning lubrication. The addition of lube with condoms makes them feel soooo much more pleasure-filled. A touch of lubricant can be added in the tip of the condom before it’s rolled on to the penis, plus a layer on the outside (once it’s on and ready). This can make a remarkable difference!

The lubricant that the condom comes with is only good enough to keep the condom from drying out within its packaging, and is not excessive enough for it to stay lubricated during sex. Always use a great-branded, top-quality, latex-friendly lubricant. Your genitals will thank you, and the pleasure will go from “meh” to subliminal in comparison.

2. Let the vagina ‘get aroused’ properly before sex

When a vagina is getting ready and lubricated during foreplay, the area around the cervix lengthens and also widens, thus creating a more open and effective canal for the penis. This means that a penis or sex toy can be used with more ease and comfort-ability, in fact.

Around 8 to 10 minutes of foreplay is the goal here. You can’t push the time in which it happens. Actually, for most females, this means clitoral stimulation needs to occur, and it needs to be an exciting experience for arousal.

Sex workshops might even help here, and proper and pleasurable foreplay is imperative for your enjoyment and the bonding between partners as they get ready to initiate sexual intercourse. Doing things that turn each partner on well, either one at a time or as a mutual enjoyment is definitely key. It’ll be so much fun that you’ll get lost in the moment… Well, that’s the plan!

3. Add some Kegels for good measure

Yes, it’s important to do Kegels. Yes, these are the exercises that ultimately give strength to our pelvic floor. Having a strong pelvic floor aids our posture, increases bladder control and can mean stronger orgasms, ultimately.

Relaxing during the session is key, too. This is just as important as maintaining and aiding your pelvic floor. Muscles only build when they are relaxed. As a metaphor example, it would be like trying to cook a ten course meal while eating it at the very same time. And that wouldn’t really be ideal.

So while practicing Kegels, take deep breaths and fully relax those muscles used after your session.

An important note** If you have pelvic pain, you should always ask your medical professional before starting a pelvic floor exercise plan.

4. G and A-spots are good, but not imperative

Oh yes, the G and A-spots, always said to be these magical places where you can alight something blissful. The truth of it is; it may take a few weeks of regular massage to really ignite and awaken these areas. Some never find the G-spot or A-spot, which is quite a common occurrence.

The G-spot is a cluster of tissue right in front of the bladder. The A-spot is located deep inside of the vagina, and is between the cervix and the bladder.

It’s so important to take your time when stimulating both of these areas. And some women might even be able to squirt when they do; an added bonus of this longer-term practice. Foreplay and sex toy use are great for these areas as well. You can even add in a butt plug to stimulate everything a little further.

5. Fantasy and communication make for great sex

So many sexual fantasies and daydreams about it can be wonderful… Just get the right scenarios flowing and it will magically bring on something erotic and very sexy, right? But the truth is: that everyone’s desires vary widely in what they enjoy in the bedroom. What one partner wants might seem ‘stranger than fiction’ or even unpleasant to the other.

Communicate with your significant other or your lover, and then go from there. You can make it even kinkier when you know what the other person wants. You could try BDSM, dirty talk, different role-playing ideas, cosplay, or use sex toys to enhance the experience even more!

“The world is your oyster,” so to speak.

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