Believe it or not, lighting is a common problem for many homes all over the world. This is true even if a lot of houses today already have electrical power. It is said that about 96% of homes in urban areas have electricity. If you still have lighting problems, here is a guide to help you improve the level of light in your house:

Consider scale in the arrangement and interior design

You may not realise this yet, but how you arrange the things in your room or how it is designed can have an impact on how well lit the indoors are. One thing you should remember is to put some sense of focus into the arrangement of things in a particular room.

For example, you can have a focal point in the form of a floor lamp, a chandelier, or even a big pendant. Just make sure that you will observe both the scale and proportion when planning everything. It is best to seek the help of experts offering interior design services, too.


Install motorised blinds in your windows

A set of motorised blinds is one of the most effective ways to have control over the amount of light that comes into your room. Through these blinds, you just need to get the blinds to open up during the day so that daylight will just stream through the window. It also improves on the temperature of the interior space while protecting people from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Put at least three sources of light in the house

You need to make sure that your house has multiple sources of lighting. There are three sources of lighting that homeowners usually have in their properties.

This can range from ambient (candles and decorative lamps), general (light bulbs and overhead lighting), and specific (worktable lighting and lampshade). This will enable you to have multiple sources and direct the use of one source to where it is needed. It would also not hurt if you have natural light during the day.

Pick the right shades

Your choice of shade will affect the lighting of your property. For the house to have a decent level of lighting, you need to choose the right shade that will work for the room. But what exactly is the right shade? First of all, you should avoid dark shades at all costs, as they can look depressing. White shades will look great as more light will come through even though it can result in a colder tone.

Clean your windows

No amount of lighting fixtures and facilities will help if your windows are incredibly dirty. If your glass windows have a lot of dust and dirt, not a lot of light will come into the rooms. It is probably one of the easiest ways to have more lighting in your house. You just have to wipe off the dust and dirt on the windows, which will save you a lot of money.

A house with more lighting will make people feel more at home and welcomed. The tips above will help you take a few steps further in impressing your guests.

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