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6 Improvements You Should Consider Making to Your Home Office


March 29, 2020

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Whether you’ve recently started working from home, or it’s something you’ve always done, your home office will be critical to your success. It needs to be a space where you can be comfortable and happy, so you can be productive when you are away from your office base. Here are some improvements you should consider making to your home office to ensure you can get your work done.

1. Let in the natural light

Natural light has several benefits to you at work, from alleviating seasonal depression to helping you avoid headaches and eye strain. If the windows in your office are too small or look old, consider looking for double glazing in Birmingham from Reliant Windows, who can help you get more natural light into your home office.

2. Get a decent chair and desk

When you set up your home office, you probably just used any old furniture you could find in IKEA or a secondhand store. However, if it’s going to be a long-term arrangement, then you should treat yourself to some decent furniture so that you can be comfortable. Buy an ergonomic chair and a desk with plenty of space for all your devices so you can get more work done.

3. Add some speakers

Everyone works differently, and some people like complete silence. However, when you work from home, there is often outdoor noise that can distract you. Installing some speakers and playing music can improve productivity, as long as the music isn’t too loud or complex. Pick some tunes that are instrumental and simple, so it drowns out background noise and lets you focus on your work.

4. Choose the right colors

If you’re having trouble focusing, it may be as easy as changing the colors on your wall. Soft blues and greens could help you stay calm and efficient, while colors like red could bring up your heart rate and cause you to feel stressed. Spend some time painting your walls or changing your drapes, and you could change your mindset.

5. Install soundproofing

Many home offices are close to living areas or set in backyards, so they aren’t always in the quietest locations. If you find yourself distracted by the noise, and music or white noise doesn’t cover it, then you should consider using soundproofing materials on the walls so that you can get some peace. This can also be helpful for those who make a lot of noise in their office, for example, making conference calls, as your family won’t need to listen to you.

6. Get some storage space

Home offices are usually small and can get messy very quickly when you are busy. Consider adding some storage space, from a bookcase to a desk with plenty of drawers, so you don’t have papers and junk strewn around.

Your home office can be a nicer space than your usual office, as it means you have a space you can personalize and make cozy. Many people are more productive when working from home, and a few tweaks ensure you reach your full potential.

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