Fire Alarm System Installed

Whether you own a warehouse or a large office building, you have to get a commercial fire alarm system installed to keep your property and your employees safe from fire. Here is how installing a commercial fire alarm system can help you:

It can help prevent damage to property

Installing a fire alarm system can help you detect the presence of even the slightest amount of smoke before it spreads into a large fire that can damage your property. These systems generally come with advanced features such as high-tech sprinkler systems, illuminated exits, and automatic-closing doors that make evacuation convenient and fast.

It makes it easier to reach the fire department in case of emergency

Commercial fire alarm systems can help you connect automatically to your local fire department whenever they detect smoke or fire. When notified immediately, the authorities in the fire department can take the necessary steps to control the fire before it causes much damage. You need not worry about calling the fire department, at a time when you are totally stressed out about keeping your property and people safe.

It provides round-the-clock protection

Apart from fire alarm systems that only display a signal or sound when it detects the presence of smoke, there are also others that provide 24-hour protection. You can access the system even when you are not present in the building. You can rest assured that the fire department will be contacted immediately in case of an emergency, without your intervention.

It helps you keep your employees safe

Safety of your employees is your top priority as an employer. Installing a professional fire alarm system is one of your responsibilities towards keeping your employees safe. Professional fire alarm system installers will train your employees on how to exit the building safely, in case of a fire. Apart from self-closing doors and automatic sprinklers, you can also get audio devices installed, that will give out instructions to evacuate the building without succumbing to injuries.

It keeps you code-compliant

By law organizations are required to take certain measures to prevent damage to their employees or property during emergency situations. Installing a commercial fire alarm system is one of these measures. It can help you avoid fines and penalties, and stay away from embarrassing PR problems that can affect the reputation of your organization. 

It can help you qualify for insurance discounts

Many insurance providers offer huge discounts on insurance policies if you have installed a code-compliant fire alarm system in your building. In fact, you may even find an insurance provider who might install such a fire alarm system before insuring your business.

A professional fire alarm system such as aba PH EL integrates well with your existing security alarm system, helping you control all your security devices from a single place. Complete with motion detectors and video surveillance, such systems will make it very easy to safeguard your workplace.

The importance of getting a fire alarm system cannot be ignored by any organization across the world. Nevertheless, make it a point to get your system inspected and tested every once in a while, to make sure you are always protected.

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