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People often go as far as they can when contemplating what their house should look like. Thoughtful planning is involved in making a house more welcoming and uplifting every corner of your dream house. Apart from the flooring, painting of the walls and bringing the eye candy sofa to make a house more alive, people usually afterthought the concept of lighting.


However, coming up with an attractive lighting concept decorating the house is crucial to make your space cosier and more functional. Therefore, you can select from a wide option of antique lighting like antique candlesticks for the living rooms and antique wall lights for your bedroom. It makes a great difference in giving your house a luxurious and classic look. So, here we outline some options to give your home a sensational touch using lighting.

 Allow natural light as first


When it is about lighting up the house, the first thing to start with is mastering the natural light in your house. And then only you should start planning about the antique candlesticks etc. When you pay considerable attention to the sunlight entering your house, you will notice the beautiful drama of the shadow dances and illusion throughout the day. 


Moreover, the natural light entering inside your house boosts your mood and helps you stay more active. The sunlight creates an ambience in your house that prevents Bacterial growth and upkeeps your overall health. So, reap all the benefits of natural light!

Make a plan and a checklist


You should have a mini-plan and prepare a checklist of the lights you want to own. Moreover, focus on the areas you want to illuminate and make sure you don’t end up making a long shopping list without knowing the purpose of buying. When it is about decorating the house, different lighting plans are required for the kitchen, bedroom and living room.


Moreover, think about the ambience you want to create and research the light colours that give you positivity and enhance your home’s look. 

Proper layer lighting


The right light layering is important so that you get sufficient light throughout the day. You need to be creative to give extra flexibility and to offer an interesting look to every room. The three main types of lighting are:


  • Overhead lights
  • Accent lights
  • Tasks lights


Therefore, to create a nice atmosphere and attractive lighting, avoid overlighting the rooms that make you uncomfortable and uneasy. And prefer to add multiple lighting sources!

Symmetrical vintage lighting


The symmetric lighting helps to bring stability and serenity to our lives. Therefore, it is the most followed trend from the last few years by interior designing professionals.


 For this, you can fix some table lamps, vintage wall lights on both sides of your bed. Moreover, you can use eye-catching pendants to create an attractive lighting concept.

Add dimmers


Do you want to have full control over your lighting system? So, you can use a remote controlling system to change the lighting depending on your mood in just a few seconds. 


Also, dimming the lights depending on day timings also reduces your electricity bill. Using dimmers, you can contrast the artificial lights with the natural light entering your home.

Warm up the space


Often, we have seen that fluorescent lights fail the lighting plans. Therefore, instead of using excessively cold and white lights, you can go for a warm feel. Also, make use of multiple soft lighting bulbs rather than the single bright light bulb. 


Moreover, avoid using strong overhead lighting fixtures as these can irritate your eyes. In addition, you can use a vintage lamp to get all the light you want without any constant glaring effect.

Summing up


Wherever you go shopping to purchase chandeliers and lamp lights, always look for trendy and high-quality pieces that can make you feel relaxed. Also, You can install a light controlling window system for getting adequate natural light.

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