Ideal Venue for Wedding

First of all, congratulations and best wishes! If you’re reading this, you are probably engaged, and you’re all set to marry the one you love. But being engaged comes with its own set of adventures, one of which is planning and organising your wedding. Planning such a life-changing event can be a challenge, but fortunately, there are some tips to help you along. For instance, your venue will make a vast difference, and it can set the tone and theme of your wedding and influence the number of guests you can have. Choosing the right one is one of your biggest tasks! To get you started, here are your best tips for selecting the ideal venue for your wedding. 


  • Select one according to your personality


This may be obvious because you certainly wouldn’t be attracted to a venue if it doesn’t suit your preference, but remember that each bride and groom are unique. Therefore, you should consider both your preferences when checking out different venues. And the possibilities are endless – you can go the traditional and classic route with a hotel, or you can get married in a loft, a manor home, or take your vows in a beach setting. As long as it suits your preferences and personalities, that is.


  • Think carefully about your location 


One big decision you have to make is choosing the location of your wedding, as the professional party planners from Oxfordshire like Oasis Events will confirm. You will probably have friends and family who will be eager to share on your big day, so make sure your location is accessible to all of them. You may also want to think about elderly family members who cannot travel too far or friends with mobility challenges. Here’s one more tip: it would be ideal to look at venues with good connections for transport so everyone will have no trouble attending.


  • Determine how big you want it to be 


The overall amount of space you need will be decided by your guest list, so make sure the area is appropriate for the number of guests you would like to have. Even if you choose a smaller venue for a more intimate wedding celebration, which almost every bride and groom is doing nowadays, you should ensure that the space is comfortable for everyone to fit or move comfortably around. 


  • Be open to possibilities 


Chances are, you may never really find a venue that fits all your needs. But this is where it pays to keep an open mind – be open to possibilities, in other words. An unexpected and unique venue may end up being the perfect one for your big event! Think outside the box and consider different themes, locations, and ideas. You may be pleasantly surprised at the result. You can, for instance, get married in a fully-bedecked outdoor tent complete with luxurious cushions and ottomans for a bohemian or Arabian nights vibe, or you could tie the knot in a museum or art gallery or a beautiful conservatory. 


Finally, do thorough research. Once you have some venues in mind, check them out personally and read reviews and recommendations. By doing this, you can be surer of your choice and can begin planning the wedding of your dreams.

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