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7 Easy to Start Business Ideas for 2019

It’s 2019, and hundreds of thousands of people are looking for business ideas to complement their day jobs. There are viable options that one can look into and make it big over a relatively short period. Everyone dreams of a life on the fast lane, but unfortunately for the majority, the 9 to 5 jobs cannot guarantee much. Lately, the number of people juggling between two or more jobs has been on the rise, and the stats are only expected to grow. This article takes a dive into the top 7 easy to start business ideas for anyone.

#1. Cleaning service

Cleaning Service
Cleaning Service

Come rain come shine, this is one business that can never get old. People are in constant need of cleaning services. Regardless of the direction you take, you’re sure to acquire new clients almost on a daily basis. You may decide to offer services in offices or residential areas at your most convenient time. Restaurants are also other places that may need your services. This is one endeavor in which you’ll need very little start-up capital. Advertising is unnecessary as most of your new acquaintances will be gotten through word of mouth and referrals.

#2. Online editorial services

This one offers a broad spectrum of options, from copywriting, data entry, editing, ghostwriting, to web content provision and so much more. If you can identify one or two things to specialize in, you can be making good money from the comfort of your home. Some of these services, however, require some skills, but learning should not take a lot of time.

#3. Lawn care services

Lawn care services

Who wouldn’t want a well-tended homestead and a nice looking landscape? For as long as grass keeps growing, there will always be need for the lawns to be kempt. Both residential and office environments require reliable lawn care time after time. All you need is a lawn mower and you’re good to go. Here are tips on how you can start a lawn care business.

#4. Computers and Electronics repair

There is no limit to what exactly an electronic gadget can be. Chances are, there is at least one broken electronic gadget in every household, and a PC that needs checking in an office. That is ready business waiting for someone and that could be you.

#5. Day care services

Day care services
Day care services

People have busy schedules and sometimes balancing their jobs and family can be quite tasking. Most parents prefer a home environment rather than a school setup for their small kids, and if you can put up a good day care service for such parents, you’ll soon have a big number of kids playing in your yard.

#6. Moving services

People keep moving houses or estates, offices shift bases, and that is a task that requires an extra hand. While some would prefer doing it themselves, an advertised service can get you new businesses every week. There is absolutely no education required for this, just a little bit of common sense and organization skills.

#7. Pet sitting

Pet sitting
Pet sitting

This is a growing business where pet owners are constantly sourcing for the best places to leave their pets whenever they are away on holiday or work. All you need to provide is prove of pet ownership to show that you have previous experience with pets.


You’ll notice that most of these business ideas require very little in terms of both financing and the skill set, yet they remain viable ventures. For any new business to be successful, your overall output remains paramount. How you deal with your clientele coupled with how proficient you are in what you do goes a long way in determining the success of your business. Clients are looking for real value for their money and if they can find that in doing business with you, there is only one way for your business; up.

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