Cleaning Methods for A Pet Owner’s Home

A pet in the home makes everyone happy except the one who has the responsibility to keep the home clean.

Yeah, being a pet owner I know the trouble of keeping home clean and that’s what lead me towards in-depth research for finding some hacks to tackle this everyday issue.

In this article, I’ve listed down all the methods and techniques I personally utilize while cleaning. And yeah, you may visit my house anytime you want, I bet you won’t believe that I have a golden retriever in my house.

So, let’s move forward with these effective methods to keep home clean.

7 Most Efficient Cleaning Methods for A Pet Owner’s Home

Ways and methods explained in this article, are including everything starting from a manual job to using a cleaning appliance in a most efficient way.

So, let’s get started.

  • A Clean Pet Is the First Step Towards A Cleaner Home

Yeah, majority of the times, we forget the root cause of all the mess in our home on the verge of keeping home as our prime concern.

Think once, why your house was tidy & clean before you took your pet on a walk? And, why is it messy once you came back from a walk?

Yeah, your pet brought that dirt and debris on its body while having a walk and it spread all over your house while your pet is active inside.

So, ensure that you’re having a regular grooming routine and also adapt a habit of cleaning your pet outside every time you come back from a walk.

  • Keep A Doormat for Stopping Dirt At Doorstep

Many of us have a habit of letting our pet roam freely while outside. This habit alone leads towards loading their paws with a lot of dirt.

So, to avoid all that dirt in the house, adopt a practice of using an effective doormat. Also, just keeping a doormat won’t be enough as you’ll also require to train your pet to clean all its four paws properly before entering into the house. It’ll take some time, but it works like magic.

  • Get a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, many people are falling in a myth like, “there is no pet-specific vacuum cleaner and all vacuums are same.

Well, that’s a completely wrongly interpreted fact. Yeah, a regular vacuum has not as effective suction as a pet hair vacuum usually have. Also, pet vacuums are manufactured and designed by keeping some essential safety parameters like noise, anti-tangling technology, and hair specific brushes in mind.

Also, technologies like HEPA and cyclonic suction is found mainly in a pet vacuum which not just help in keeping a clean home but also helps in maintaining the hygiene of a pet-friendly house.

  • Bring a Pet-Friendly Sofa & Furniture

Sofas with wrong materials act as a hair magnet. Yeah, the law of static electricity comes to action and it attracts the loose hairs from your pet’s body with help of magnetic force created on sofa material.

So, it is advised to choose color and material by keeping your pet in the center. Yeah, having a close matching sofa or couch color to pet’s body and materials like leather or tightly woven clothing material is a great hack for reducing visible pet hair in the house.

  • Adopt A Habit of Cleaning Your Pet’s Stuff

Regular cleaning of pet’s stuff like a pet bed, toys and chewing materials is great way of keeping a home odor-free. 

For, cleaning it is advised to check if props are machine washable or not! Yeah, you could wash few things using a washing machine. 

Also, drying things like a bed in extreme sunlight will kill all negative bacteria and parasites on it and will also eliminate that pet odor with minimal efforts.

  • Cover Rarely Used Furniture

Once I checked the stuff that is having less visibility for our guest and is being used rarely in my house. You won’t believe that I found 10% of my house furniture to be falling in the same category. 

Moreover, upon checking I found that the majority of fallen hairs are lying around or beneath this furniture and they get outside with even a low airflow. And yeah, that too even if you try to deep clean your home as much as you could.

These hair are usually not trapped during the cleaning session and just after an entire cleaning session, they come outside. So, I found a hack and covered all those furniture with a cotton cloth and I did it smartly so that no guest could notice it.

This hack alone helped me a lot in maintaining a clean and hygienic home.

  • Using Eco-Friendly Chemicals Like White Vinegar

Yeah, using an air deodorizer isn’t enough, if you really care about your hygiene. As it’s not just about keeping the atmosphere filled with mind-blowing fragrance rather it’s all about killing harmful parasites in first place whenever possible.

So, instead of just utilizing a deodorizer or room freshener adopt a habit of cleaning surfaces like sinks, glass and glass furniture with eco-friendly products such as white vinegar. Just take some drop of it on a cotton cloth and wipe out the surface once with a wet cloth and once with a dry cloth.

Our Verdict

That’s all for now folks. I hope you found one or two-piece of worthy information in this article and I really wish that you utilize it accordingly in your day to day cleaning chores. With the help of these proven techniques that I’m myself using every day, I’ve succeeded in maintaining a cleaner and hygienic house even if I have two pet at my home.

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