7 Online “Guaranteed” Installment Loans

Installment loans provide an easy and convenient way of getting financial assistance within a short time. Unlike payday loans and cash advances, these loans are more flexible and can be repaid over a longer period. They are referred to as “installment” because they are repaid in equal set amount at fixed intervals like monthly repayment. While it might be challenging to get bad credit approval, here are seven online guaranteed installment loans to help you skip the hurdles.

  • CashUSA.com 

CashUSA.com provides loans that range between $500 and $10,000 and accepts all types of credits. The borrower can also get a loan decision within few minutes and the money deposited directly to their bank account. 

  • Creditloan.com 

Since 1998, Creditloan.com has successfully educated over 33 million clients on various individual finance topics. Hence, it enables initial analysis using interest rate calculators and provides mortgage information while connecting consumers to service providers. It also handles questions related to bad credit loans, student loan information, refinancing loans, credit monitoring and credit reports. This is proved by the shared passion of its staff with broad experience in personal finance and life events. 

  • Fingerhut Credit Account 

Founded in 1948, Fingerhut has helped millions of clients to buy everything they need including latest electronics, furniture, bedding, and jewelry with low monthly payments. It is easy to apply and get credit decision within a short time. It also offers an option of repaying using the phone any time the client is ready or call and talk with staff any time of the day.

There are two forms of Fingerhut credit accounts to choose from: Fingerhut FreshStart® and Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit Account both issued by WebBank. While Fingerhut FreshStart®  comprises of three steps of instalment credit program that can enable buyers develop buying power, the Fingerhut Revolving Account is optional when it comes to one-time down payment after the first order. 

  • MoneyMutual 

MoneyMutual offers an online marketplace with simple, secure and quick access to lenders.  The process starts with filling a simple form in less than five minutes. Upon the client’s request, MoneyMutual avails the information to lenders who can approve and deposit the money directly to the client’s account within 24 hours.

Installment Loans


  • BadCreditLoans.com 

BadCreditLoans.com has been helping consumers since 1998 where they make it easy for them to get money online. Though it is not a lender per se, BadCreditLoans.com offers a free service that connects clients with lenders who can present their loan offers with no obligation of acceptance. 

  • First Access Card 

As a full-feature Visa credit card, the First Access Card is accepted nationwide where the Visa logo can be seen. It does not require perfect credit for approval and can be applied for instantly online. If approved, a client can access a credit limit of $300 depending on the available credit after paying program fee. 

  • Total Visa 

Like the First Access Card, Total Visa has a wide range of features and is accepted nationwide. Approval requires no perfect credit and can be applied for online instantly and securely. Total Visa is accepted at various ATM and merchant locations online and all over the nation. 

 While it can be challenging to get funds with limited credit, there are many options if you are keen enough to check the ones that suit your needs. This is because most lenders provide adaptable requirements even when few options are guaranteed. Having known the above 7 online guaranteed instalment loans, it is equally important to have these Top 5 Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit of 2019

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