Millions of drivers think the same question every year: repairing your car or get rid of their old car? We’ll give you the right advice and lot of tips on buy a car and how to get the max money by selling your old car to the trusted seller like Fast Car Removals.

Why sale a old car?

More than ten million cars change hands in our country every year, including around 3.5 million new cars and 7 million used cars. Always a difficult decision: when is the right time to swap a car? Where do I get the most money for my used vehicle? Times are changing: in the 1970s, the car fleet’s average age was around five and a half years. It has now risen to over ten years. This may also be because some people do not have the money to buy a new car. But above all, it shows how reliable most current vehicles are: 150,000 to 200,000 kilometers are the norm today. In the 1960s, some cars finally gave up after around 100,000 kilometers.

The used car experts have been observing the car market for years. They regularly test popular used vehicles and analyze defects. From an economic point of view, you can drive your car for a very long time nowadays; the experts have discovered no specific weak points. Instead, isolated errors in production or defective components cause the problems because: With 20,000 individual parts, which usually come from the cheapest supplier in each case, something can always go wrong. Such errors or product recalls can be found on our used car portal.

Look at the average loss in value of a car. You can see the following: Immediately after the first registration, the residual value plummets, and after about two years, it descends evenly. The figures show:  Anyone who replaces their new car after five years is doing pretty nasty business, a loss of around 65 percent speaks for itself. For comparison: in the following five years, the total loss in value is only 25 percent.

Repairing is good for old cars.

At some point, the repair costs rise noticeably. For many car owners, this is an occasion to think of a new one, and sell car for cash.

A typical mistake in thinking, experts observe, because: Even if it costs nerves and money, repairs for eight-year-old cars usually pay off for a few hundred euros. If it becomes significantly more expensive, it is worth doing the math because Repairs do not increase the car’s sales value.

The rule of thumb is: if the repair is more than half of the residual value, it is better not to repair the damage but to sell the car. Those who still put a lot of money into the old should keep them to the bitter end.

Regular checking is necessary.

Regular checkings are always necessary. The technology experts do not believe in doing without old cars for the sake of the economy. On the one hand, because reviews are essential for the safety of the car. On the other hand, a conversation with the auto mechanic can provide information about upcoming, costly, and uneconomical repairs, just like the used car check.

What buyers always value: a fresh general inspection. Even if the residual value scratches the zero line according to the table: That can bring up to 2000 euros. Cosmetic repairs, on the other hand, do not influence the value. Scratches in the paintwork or stone chips in the bonnet are included in the guide prices.

Here you can read how to find the right price for your used vehicle.

Seven tips for selling a car

Selling a car – a tricky business. You can only get a fair price, make a legally secure sale with appropriate preparation, and take some advice. These seven tips will help sell a car.

  1. Good condition

Your car should be in perfect technical condition for sale. The technical condition of a car can be certified in a car repair shop or in test centers. Flaws in the beauty that unnecessarily depress the price should be corrected. Ideally, the rims are cleaned, scratches in the paint are removed and the car is polished before it is sold. It also cuts a fine figure in photos.

  1. Where to sell?

The quickest way to go is the dealer, but you will not get the best price there. If you sell a car privately, you can make more money. For this purpose, advertisements can be placed online or in the newspaper. Also, a printed advertisement can be hung up in the car. This is how passers-by can see that you want to sell.

  1. The value

of a car

A good starting point is similar used cars comparable in terms of engine type, year of construction, mileage, and equipment.

  1. The perfect ad

The equipment of the car should be specified as precisely as possible. A short, meaningful text emphasizes the advantages of the car, for example: well maintained, a few kilometers, extensive equipment, special rims, etc. In the description, however, defects and damage are clearly stated. Information on when the last main inspection was carried out is mandatory. If the car was in the workshop shortly before it was sold, this should also be stated. Details like new brakes add value. Many pictures give potential buyers a good impression of the vehicle.

You can find information on frequent scams when selling cars here.

  1. Meaningful photos

A picture is worth a thousand words: For good photos, your car has to be clean and the paintwork has to be polished. Photograph the car from different perspectives. Some detailed shots should be made of the interior and high-quality equipment details and the mileage. If the car has defects, they should be photographed. That is honest and creates trust with the buyer.

  1. The test drive

You should take a potential buyer for a test drive. To do this, make sure with your insurance that the potential buyer is also insured. Before you start, you should have the buyer’s driver’s license shown to you. Take the test drive or get a deposit for the duration of the test drive. If the car has already been de-registered, you will receive a temporary license plate at the registration office.

  1. Sale

When you have found a buyer, a sales contract is concluded. The sample purchase agreement is available for printing. Usually, the new owner signs off your old car. If you want to be sure, de-register the car before selling it. The buyer can then either take it with him on a trailer or with a delivery license plate.

Every year around 10 million cars change hands in our country. You may also be wondering whether you should keep your car or sell it. In this article, you will find a decision aid!

Having your own car is extremely important for many people today – not only for leisure but often also for commuting. A mobile stand ensures that we are more flexible and therefore we don’t want to have to do without it if possible. But the decision of whether to sell or keep the long-standing, always reliable car is a difficult one because our car becomes a companion we have come to love over time. Unfortunately, at some point, the ravages of time also gnaw on a car, and as soon as the first severe defects appear, it often no longer makes sense to continue driving the car yourself.

So the question is whether to keep the car or sell it. But when is it worth thinking about buying a new car and selling the old one? What do you have to consider when selling a car and when is it best to buy a new car?


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