Not everyone has the privilege of living in a house with its own backyard where you can garden and enjoy nature. This does not mean you give up on your dream of having a beautiful relaxing space in your house. Apartments usually come with a balcony, and you can always dress it up to create your own nook. Here are some helpful tips to transform your balcony into a zen area.

  1. Get a Vertical Planter Stand:

Most balconies have space constraints, which is why placing too many pots on the balcony can overcrowd it. Instead, get a vertical plant stand that can vertically hold 5-6 pots to save floor space. There are many designs of such plant stands you can opt from, and they only further add to the aesthetic appeal of your balcony garden.

  1. Use Railing and Hanging Planters:

Avoid placing pots on the floor to save space and keep the floor clean. Make use of railing and hanging planters instead, making the balcony look greener and aesthetically beautiful.

  1. Opt for Self-Watering Planters:

You also need to think about the practicalities. You cannot always trust someone with a key to your apartment. This means when you go on an extended vacation, your plants may die. To avoid that, use self-watering planters to help the plants survive even while you are gone for some time. Read more about self-watering planters here.

  1. Think About Decking the Floor:

There are many decking options available which you can opt for. Adding decks on the floor is a great way to enhance the appeal. This will elevate the value of the space and beautify it further.

  1. Install Artificial Grass:

Who does not enjoy the feel of walking on grass? Well, you cannot really add natural grass to the balcony, but how about artificial grass? It is readily available, easy to clean and maintain, and will transform your balcony into a garden.

  1. Add Comfortable Seating:

As the balcony is a small space, you need to think about folding furniture which occupies less space. You should not compromise on comfort, or else you would not enjoy the space. Consider adding something more comfortable, like a beanbag or a single-seater swing if there is enough space. You can make this space more functional by adding cushions on top by using a storage bench as a seater. If you are thinking of using the space to have your meals sometime, do not forget to get a small table installed which can be folded when not in use.

  1. Hang Fairy Lights:

The space will look green and beautiful in the daytime, but how about night-time when you actually get free from work? Instead of installing bright white lights, stick to simple fairy lights that add a pleasant charm to the place. Sit comfortably in your relaxing balcony during the evenings and enjoy watching the city lights.

The Bottom Line:

The entire decor and setup should reflect your taste. Do not copy something out of a YouTube video; instead, visualize how you would want our home sanctuary to look and work towards achieving that to get the best results.


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